The dinner keeps going. Also my commentary about Corona virus worries.


March 11 Wednesday Dinner will be at Piazza zza Pizza in Fairhaven District 1501 12th around 5 to 5:30 pm.


Commentary about Corona Virus worry related to the dinner group.

There is quite a bit of worry about potential spread of the Corona virus. Whatcom County has had it's first case according to Bellingham Herald. A local resident now recovering.

The county has declared a state of emergency and along with that are some recommendations. Not necessarily binding, but just recommendations so far.

One of the recommendations has to do with avoiding large groups over 10 people. This relates to us, the Wednesday Dinner, as we are at least at the low end of that recommendation. We are usually somewhat over 10. A few weeks ago, we got to 32 which was great, but usually we are somewhere between 10 or 20. Definitely the low end of what could be considered a large gathering.

I still plan to attend and organize our dinners for now at least. People can use their own discretion about going out to public events. It's good to see people, but I understand if folks wish to use caution about gatherings.

One good feature about the dinners is no overhead. Attendance can vary easily. It isn't like I rent a venue and then get stuck with a bill. I give the restaurant only a "heads up" that we are coming, but predicting attendance wouldn't be easy. It's worked quite well for years.

Since this is also my editorial space, I can slip in a plug for Facebook, or maybe I shouldn't. I know that there are quite a few problems with Facebook and other online things. Too much screen time has it's drawbacks. I am also, of course, a fan of face to face interaction. Going out to local community events. Seeing folks in person. Face to face interaction has some drawbacks as well as things like the Corona virus can be a risk.

We can keep connected in various ways and for now at least the dinner group keeps meeting. Your own discretion about public gatherings advised.
Robert Ashworth.