Some updates.


A few weeks ago we tried a Wednesday Dinner. It was at the outdoor eating area behind Skylarks. Not surprisingly as people are cautious, only 4 folks came. I may have not put the notice out far enough ahead of time also. It was a good, tho very small gathering. It definitely was very safe. We can try it again if there is interest.
For me, there is no overhead costs to maintain so we can meet or we can stay on hold and wait for the vaccine. Looks like a vaccine might be on its way.
Meanwhile the Lake Padden Walking Group continues to meet each Sunday morning at 10 am. Meets near the main bathhouse on the northwest side of the lake. People wear masks and tend to be fairly spread out along the trail. Good conversations. Usually around 10 to maybe 15 folks are there.
The Betty Pages, that is published by Betty Desire, is still publishing, but facing headwinds. Many of the businesses where the Betty Pages paper edition is distributed are still closed or operating at limited capacity. This also means less advertising revenue. The Betty Pages now has a Patreon site for folks to see online and contribute to the Betty Pages.
Rumors Cabaret and the Miller's Back Door are also open in a limited way around the virus. The Back Door has some indoor and outdoor seating. Both Rumors and The Back Door have limited hours toward the weekends. Rumors is selling things, including jello shots, to passersby along the sidewalk at it's roll up garage type door.
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