Nov. 27 Wed. Dinner at Panda Palace. Thanksgiving Dinner Friend's Giving at Rumors Nov. 28 4 - 6 PM and more news


Next Wednesday Dinner will be at Panda Palace, 1145 E. #115 Sunset in Sunset Square. around 5 PM, November 27.
Friends-Giving at Rumors
This Thanksgiving, Thursday November 28th from 4-6PM, Rumors Cabaret is going to host a “Friends-Giving” celebration. For many, Thanksgiving signals a time of family togetherness and harvest plenty, but for some in our community, the holiday season presents the challenges of being without shelter in the cold and hungry on the streets. For some people, the season of family gathering may be shadowed by the chill of familial rejection and the depression that comes from feeling forgotten by loved ones. This is a gathering for people in need and their friends and allies.
We want to let all our family know that they have friends and allies that care. Please join us in support of our community.
We are looking for your help in funding, or preparing and/or serving this meal to the community on Friends-giving. Do you want to make a financial contribution to put the food on the table? Do you want to be there to serve the food and build fellowship? Please join us in providing the community with a little hope this holiday season. If you plan to make a financial donation please do so by the 16th of November. Delivery of cakes and pies on November 26th to Rumors starting at 4:00pm . If you want to server I would like to meet to before to work out details . We also need some people to help decorate to add to this special day. Call or email hddj1961@... 360-483-8381
With Gratitude,
Harold Jefferson
Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.
William Arthur Ward

A new group is forming!! PFLAG is happy to support this effort!
A meeting for those in the LGBTQI community who have or are coming out later in life. To find support and share our strength and experiences as we leave behind one life and progress forward to living a more authentic one, along with getting familiar with our new community. There is no age limit or required time for being OUT, if you came out in your 20’s and have been out for 40 years or you came out in your 50’s and have been out for 4 days, please come share your experience. This is a safe and affirming space to grow. This group meets on the 2nd Sunday of the month at the Community Food Co-op at 1220 N. Forest St. Bellingham, upstairs seating area at 4pm. Come embrace this life with us!
More things have been posted on the Facebook page for this newsletter Which (I think) is visible to non Facebook members as well. Just follow the link below, see what comes up. More community dialog, news and so forth. Easier for me to point people there than to copy and paste it all to here.