Next Dinner at Pizza'zza in Fairhaven District and more news.


Next Wednesday Dinner will be at Pizza'zza in Fairhaven District. 1501 12th Street. At 12th and Larabee just south of Fairhaven Haggens. 5:30 PM May 1.


Reprinted from Firs Protest June 24 Group.

Just finished the interview with KOMO 4 Kara Kostanich Reyneri.


Hope that my words reflected all of our thoughts which have been gathered here. It aired on TV and can also be live streamed. 

See you all in the morning!


I had hoped that more of my statement would have been used on KOMO. I had said much more about wanting to pressure the Firs to take down the claim that they are an equal opportunity employer. She does go on to say that it is illegal for businesses to discriminate, but that it's not illegal for religious organizations. The point still didn't get across though that they are claiming something that actually has a federal definition by law, and not adhering to it. 

Just letting you all know that I said it, it just didn't get in the clip.