More interactive things from other areas available in Bellingham via use of Zoom technology


You might want to pass this around to the group. . . There is a group in Seattle called GenPride. It is focused on support of older gay men and lesbians. There meetings were physically in Seattle, but they have gone one line like everyone else. I have started to go to their socials which are on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. They did tell me that despite the fact that I am not in Seattle, I was welcome. Their main website is at: Their section for their socials it On Tuesdays, their socials are from 1-3 PM and on Thursdays, their socials are from 3-5 PM. You do need to have a Zoom password. There is a form to request the password. The zoom meeting ID and password stays the same week to week. So far, I have been the only Bellinghamster to check in with them, but I think that you and others would be welcome as well.
Mark Allyn.