Dec. 18 dinner at Bellingham Bar and Grill. Next week we are invited to a potluck at Unitarian Fellowship in lieu of finding a place open Christmas Day.


December 18 Wednesday Dinner will be at Bellingham Bar and Grill, 1408 Cornwall Avenue, Starts around 5 - 5:30 PM.
Christmas Day Potluck at Unitarian Fellowship in lieu of Wednesday Dinner. Eat at 3 PM. 
Folks: Robert mentioned to me that he may have a difficult time to find a restaurant open to have out dinner on Christmas day (Wednesday). I wish to extend an invitation to you folks for the Christmas Day Potluck Dinner at the Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship. We do have a main course (Lasagna), but the guests will be bringing potluck for the side dishes and dessert. We plan to start gathering at about 1 PM on Christmas Day and plan to eat at around 3 PM. Right now, until I know how many people from our fellowship itself plan to attend, I will need to limit RSVP's from our group to 10 to 15 people. If you wish to RSVP, please email me (allyn@...) as I plan to do all communications via email and not on Facebook. Please indicate how many people plan to come with you and what you plan to bring.
Thank you
Mark Allyn