Open posting to this group has been removed.


Open post setting has been removed from this group. If you wish to post something here, send it to Robert, group owner, for editing into the group's new identity as an edited newsletter.

Lesson from the circumstance of information overload. 
For some reason, people in this group are complaining about high volumes of postings from something that looks like an automated bot that is posting things not, probably, generated locally, or about local Bellingham area gay community stuff. 
Too many postings dilute the group so it's harder to find the rare things from our local people as they are lost among a huge influx of data pouring in from outside. 
Hard to find ourselves in the group, anymore as now the group is starting to look like just another national political group. The problem of trying to find our rare "needles among the haystack that is starting to look like just all other haystacks about national level politics." There are a lot of other places to find that information so people are starting to drop our group. 
Here is the kind of responses coming from members who are trying to focus on the rare messages, more specific, to our little corner of the world.
Dear Robert.
racoon racoon and lyle pearson have sent political messages that would be better posted to Facebook than sent to all members of this group. Can you please get them to stop? 
Sorry, but now the group has had to be turned into a newsletter format so "open posting" setting has been removed.