August 12 5 PM Wednesday Gathering at Skylarks outdoor area. Bring your mask.


There is an outdoor eating area behind Skylarks Cafe. Some folks have suggested that the dinner group could meet there while other folks are still leery of meeting; given the situation with the virus.
I've decided to give it a try so I gave Skylarks a heads up that some of us are meeting there.
As usual, we haven't made a reservation as we can't predict how many people would come. Skylarks usually isn't too busy at that time.
It would be first come first serve on the outdoor plaza in back. If it gets too crowded, people can split off to other seating areas around Skylarks or even other restaurants in Fairhaven District.
If in an indoor area, state recommendations say that people who are not in the same household should not sit at the same table, but small groups can sit at the same table outside. Tables should not be moved together.
Masks should be worn while going from table to table as people mingle. Masks should be worn while talking. Masks can be removed while eating and drinking, but it's a good idea to refrain from talking while eating.
I also thought that folks could gather wearing masks and order takeout for eating later.
So I cautiously put out this notice.
Gathering around 5 PM Wednesday August 12 at the outdoor area behind Skylarks. 1308 11th Street.
PS. There is also Sunday morning 10 AM walks around Lake Padden. People have suggested other outdoor gatherings that are non eating where masks are worn. Stay tuned for some of these possibilities.
I realize that some folks will just wish to wait till, hopefully, a vaccine and / or really good treatments are available. Use your own discretion if you wish to attend.