Wednesday Dinner at El Agave, Thursday panel discussion, Friday pride bike ride


Next Wednesday Dinner will be at El Agave, 207 Samish Way in Bellingham. June 23 at 5 pm.
A panel discussion is planned in Bellingham about older people in GLBTQ+ community. 8 PM Thursday June 24th at Thousand Acres Cider House next door to Grand Avenue Ale House. I hear from Betty Desire.


Pride Bike Ride

Meet at Waypoint Park Pump Track. Meet at 7 PM Ride at 7:30 PM June 25. A casual Ride through Downtown Bellingham to celebrate Pride Month and the LGBTQ+ community. 
We are so excited to announce our Pride Month Celebration Ride!
Hosted and organized by the queer employees at Kona Bike Shop to celebrate and gather queer people on bikes here in Bellingham! We will be starting and ending at the waypoint park pump track and going on a very casual and fun 3 mile ride through town! Come as you are and don’t forget your helmet and mask! All riders bikes and abilities welcome.

Pride Bike Ride in Bellingham June 25


Meet at Waypoint Park Pump Track. Meet at 7 PM Ride at 7:30 PM June 25. A casual Ride through Downtown Bellingham to celebrate Pride Month and the LGBTQ+ community. 
We are so excited to announce our Pride Month Celebration Ride!
Hosted and organized by the queer employees at Kona Bike Shop to celebrate and gather queer people on bikes here in Bellingham! We will be starting and ending at the waypoint park pump track and going on a very casual and fun 3 mile ride through town! Come as you are and don’t forget your helmet and mask! All riders bikes and abilities welcome.

June 16 at Coyote Bar and Grill Lake Padden Golf Course Clubhouse


In last mailing, I accidentally put July. It's June 16 5 PM. 

June 16 Dinner at Coyote Bar & Grill, Lake Padden Golf Course Clubhouse


July 16 Wednesday Dinner will be at a new place that I really like. Coyote Bar and Grill at Lake Padden Golf Course. In the clubhouse. Lots of space both indoors and outdoors, great views and menu. Sometimes I go there after the Lake Padden Sunday Walk.
Coyote Bar and Grill, 4882 Samish Way. Veer left at Lake Padden Golf Course east entrance to golf course parking lot and clubhouse.
See Friends of Gay Bellingham Facebook Group for image of menu, (can be viewed by non Facebook users as well).

June 16 Wednesday Dinner will be at a new place that I really like. Coyote Bar and Grill at Lake Padden Golf Course. In the clubhouse. Lots of space both indoors and outdoors, great views and menu. Sometimes I go there after the Lake Padden Sunday Walk.
Coyote Bar and Grill, 4882 Samish Way. Veer left at Lake Padden Golf Course east entrance to golf course parking lot and clubhouse.

June 9nth Dinner at Bellingham Bar and Grill


Next Wednesday Dinner will be indoors at Bellingham Bar and Grill. June 9th 5 PM at 1408 Cornwall Avenue in downtown Bellingham.
Hopefully people are vaccinated.
Bellingham Bar and Grill is popular with our group and it's been requested.
Our group is starting to happen again. We've been to a few outdoor spots and will do more, but traffic noise, in some of the spots, has made it hard to hear conversation. Other outdoor spots are quite busy and hard to fit in a group that varies in size.
Next time we go to Skylarks, we may be in the loft as their outdoor spaces can be crowded. Some folks can split off and eat outdoors.
Bellingham Bar and Grill doesn't have outdoor dining, but it's usually not crowded at that time, except for us. We can be spaced. There is quite a bit of elbow room there.
Come to the dinner if you feel it's safe.

June 2 Dinner at Greene's Corner on James


Another Wednesday Dinner coming up. At Greene's Corner 2208 James Street. 5 PM June 2. They have a lot of outside seating on the far side of the parking lot. Some inside seating also.

May 26 Dinner at Sunnyland Station 716 Alabama St.


Next Wednesday Dinner will be at Sunnyland Station at corner of Alabama and James. 716 Alabama. Around 5 PM May 26.

They have a good outdoor seating area on west side of building. No alcohol outdoors as they are still constructing that capability, but some people can be inside for that.

Last Wednesday's Dinner went well with around 14 people. We did have to split into 2 tables for state regulations, but that worked out fine. Looks like the dinner group is starting again.

Wednesday Dinner is starting again.


Around 5 PM May 19 at Pizza'zza in Fairhaven District. 1501 12th street across Knox Street from the south side of Haggens. They now have pizza by the slice. Salads available as well as some other things.
We will be outside (outside is safest). They have a good outdoor area that isn't too crowded. If bad weather, there are umbrellas on the tables. If it's a small group some people may go indoors.
We may need to break up into smaller groups if group is too large. Hopefully people are vaccinated. Bring your mask for things like ordering from the counter indoors.
The dinner could be back to happening on a weekly basis. Choice of restaurants may be a bit limited depending on who has outdoor space that isn't too busy with other customers. We may do indoors again before long. Proceed at your own risk.

Possible restart of Wednesday Dinner Gathering


Looks like we may be able to start the Wednesday Dinner gatherings again. Outdoors is still safer than indoors. Quite a few outdoor restaurant spaces are a bit crowded, but looks like Pizza'zza in Fairhaven District has a pretty large outdoor seating area with some elbow room.
I ask them about it and they sounded encouraging. Group would still need to be limited to 10 per table, but we could split up a bit if need be.
So I am thinking about gathering Wednesday May 19 for starters. It's recommended to be vaccinated and have the masks handy. I'll send out another notice before the 19th, but also looking for feedback about the idea.

Room or shared apartment needed till September


Person needs a room or shared apartment, in Bellingham or Seattle through October 1st, $500-$600 range. I'm a writer (MA, Betty Pages etc.), references available, friend of Robert Ashworth, world traveler. Genial, even tempered. 206- 859-1482

29th Annual Queer Resource Center Drag Show Panel Thursday April 29 AT 6 PM PDT – 7:30 PM PDT


29th Annual Queer Resource Center Drag Show Panel 
Thursday April 29 AT 6 PM PDT – 7:30 PM PDT
On Zoom from WWU
Price: Free · Duration: 1 hr 30 min
Public  · Anyone on or off Facebook
The Show Must Go On!
Beause of, you know, the Annual Queer Resource Center Drag Show won't look the same this year as before. But that doesn't mean it won't be a fun gay time! The 29th Annual QRC Drag Show will be a zoom panel focusing on the history of drag, followed by a Q&A featuring local drag performers. The event will be on Thursday, April 29th, from 6-7:30pm PST.
Guest performers include... Rita LaRue, Issa Mann, Kylie Mooncakes, Londyn Bradshaw, Kris Gender, Betty Desire, and Rikki Sensation!
The Annual Queer Resource Center Drag Show is a drag show benefit put on by the AS Queer Resource Center every year. This year will mark the 29th year of the drag show tradition! On a non-pandemic year, the Drag Show is a live event in the Performing Arts Center, and features about 8-10 drag performers with an audience of about 500! All ticket profits were divided evenly between local Bellingham organizations, Lifelong and Sean Humphrey House, who are organizations that provide health and housing resources to the LGBT community and individuals with HIV/AIDS.
Zoom link:
For disability accommodations, please contact as.qrc.advocacy.coord@....

Back Door reopening April 1


Posted on Facebook

Back Door Bellingham next to Rumors

It’s true. It’s finally happening!
This Thursday, April 1st. 2021.
Come say hi and try a new drink from 5-11pm! We are so excited to see all your wonderful faces again.

Bellingham's Betty Pages, published by Betty Desire, is online.


Bellingham's Alternative Lifestyle Tabloid, called The Betty Pages, is now online.

The current addition can be found at

Betty Pages has been distributed as a paper edition in Northwest Washington over the years. It is now available in pot shops statewide.
The virus has limited the distribution in various places of business such as bars and restaurants of Northwest Washington so a new door has recently opened for their distribution. Statewide pot shops.
Over the past couple of years, I have had articles in The Betty Pages. For March, my article is toward the back on page 14.

Correction and Robert's editorial about open posting.


A letter in my newsletter complained about two people, or maybe bots, that were prolifically posting political posts in this newsletter.

I have decided to shut off open posting, at least temporarily, as one of the sources of posts was posting several times per day making it hard to find Bellingham news, in this newsletter. Recently, there has not been a lot of Bellingham events and news due to things being shut down from Corona virus; except for things like the small outdoor Lake Padden Walks. 

The letter accused a Lyle Pearson of prolific posts, but he was not the source of these. Only another source called bigraccoon1 was generating the posts that were quite prolific. 

Newsletter owner.
Robert Ashworth.

Open posting to this group has been removed.


Open post setting has been removed from this group. If you wish to post something here, send it to Robert, group owner, for editing into the group's new identity as an edited newsletter.

Lesson from the circumstance of information overload. 
For some reason, people in this group are complaining about high volumes of postings from something that looks like an automated bot that is posting things not, probably, generated locally, or about local Bellingham area gay community stuff. 
Too many postings dilute the group so it's harder to find the rare things from our local people as they are lost among a huge influx of data pouring in from outside. 
Hard to find ourselves in the group, anymore as now the group is starting to look like just another national political group. The problem of trying to find our rare "needles among the haystack that is starting to look like just all other haystacks about national level politics." There are a lot of other places to find that information so people are starting to drop our group. 
Here is the kind of responses coming from members who are trying to focus on the rare messages, more specific, to our little corner of the world.
Dear Robert.
racoon racoon and lyle pearson have sent political messages that would be better posted to Facebook than sent to all members of this group. Can you please get them to stop? 
Sorry, but now the group has had to be turned into a newsletter format so "open posting" setting has been removed. 

Pete Buttigieg nomination advances out of committee & heads to full Senate vote / LGBTQ Nation

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Pete Buttigieg nomination advances out of committee & heads to full Senate vote

By a vote of 21-3, Buttigieg is one step closer to becoming the first out Cabinet member confirmed by the Senate.

Pete Buttigieg at the Senate confirmation hearing with his husband Chasten behind himPhoto: Screenshot/ABC News

Pete Buttigieg’s nomination to be President Joe Biden’s Transportation Secretary has moved one step closer. The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee approved his nomination by a 21-3 vote and sent it on to the full Senate.

The Senate is expected to confirm Buttigieg by the end of the week.

Related: These are the out or LGBTQ ally political figures you can expect to make headlines in 2021

“Thank you to the members of the @SenateCommerce Committee for their vote of confidence in me today,” Buttigieg tweeted after the vote. “I look forward to working with @SenatorWicker, @SenatorCantwell and the rest of the committee as we get to work on infrastructure and building our economy back better.”

In a heartfelt moment during his opening statement to the committee, Buttigieg thanked his husband Chasten Buttigieg – who was sitting right behind him, wearing a mask – for his support in the process.

“I’d like to take a moment to introduce my husband Chasten Buttigieg, who is here with me today,” he said. “I’m really proud to have him by my side. I also want to take this chance to thank him for his many sacrifices and his support in making it possible for me to pursue public service.”

Still, his job as transportation secretary won’t be an easy one. As the nation has limped through the coronavirus pandemic under President Trump, Buttigieg will be responsible for planning a way to rebuild America’s infrastructure – from rebuilding deteriorating highway, rail, and air systems to salvaging urban transit agencies like New York City and Washington D.C.’s subway systems.

While President Donald Trump appointed Richard Grenell as acting Director of National Intelligence, a Cabinet-level position, Grenell wasn’t confirmed by the Senate and only served as a seat warmer for the incoming DNI.

The president’s Cabinet is made up of the heads of all the executive branch departments plus the Vice President. Other high-level government officials like CIA director, White House Chief of Staff, and the Environmental Protection Agency administrator, are considered Cabinet-level.

Mary Trump may change her name so she doesn’t share it with her “loser” uncle / LGBTQ Nation

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Mary Trump may change her name so she doesn’t share it with her “loser” uncle

Donald's lesbian niece shares the very few words she has left for him: "Your father would be horrified by what a loser you turned out to be.”

Mary Trump
Mary TrumpPhoto: Simon & Schuster promotional image

Mary Trump has been a thorn in her uncle’s side, but she explained in an interview that she’s contemplating changing her name to make it clear she no longer has any association with Donald Trump or the Trump family.

“The damage Donald has done to this country is incalculable,” she said in a wide-ranging interview with the Telegraph. “We’re just waiting to find out how much is irreparable.”

Related: Trump has left the White House & America couldn’t be happier

Mary, 55, is so done with being associated with the former President that “I am prepared to change my name if need be,” she states.

She explains that his failures as President are due to the nature of his upbringing. “With COVID, for example, he would only have had to show some empathy, and wear a mask. That’s it,” she says of his handling of the coronavirus pandemic over the last year that has taken hundreds of thousands of lives.

Instead, he committed to “a refusal to acknowledge the seriousness of something that was bad, negative, a disease. Donald didn’t want to be associated with those things,” Mary says, because, “I don’t believe he understands affection or intimacy.”

“As I was writing [my book] I realized that I felt enormous amounts of compassion for those children,” she said, referring to the family patriarch Fred Trump’s children, including Donald and Mary’s late father, Fred Jr. “They had a horrible childhood and suffered enormously. But do I feel compassion for my uncle now? No.”

Mary, a clinical psychologist by trade, also noted that she doesn’t think that much has changed in the relationship between Donald and former first lady Melania, as rumors arise that she’s contemplating divorce.

On Inauguration Day, Mary told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that it had become “probably the worst day of his life, because the clock is ticking and he’s running out of time” as the leader of the country. Donald has since retreated to his club in Florida.

She said that she doubts that her uncle will run for election again in 2024 because he “will never put himself in a position where he can lose like this again, first of all.” She added that waiting to run again “would mean for four years that he is playing essentially a supporting role, which will be very difficult for him to sustain.”

Mary has been in the news throughout the last year for denouncing her uncle. She wrote and published her tell-all book Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man, where she explains how toxic family relationships and bigotry led to making Donald Trump what he is today.

Her late uncle Robert Trump, Donald’s brother, tried to sue her to stop the publication of the book, but failed.

In the book, Mary explains that by the 1990s she was already living with a woman and planning to marry her. She said in her book that the whole family got together while her grandfather was sick and dying and that she thought about coming out then.

“It’s a disgrace they’re letting that little fa***t Elton John sing at [Princess Diana’s] service,” Mary said her grandmother — Donald’s mother, Mary Ann Trump — said at the gathering.

“I’d realized it was better that she didn’t know I was living with… a woman,” Mary wrote. She decided against coming out.

Currently, Mary is suing Donald. She alleges that he, along with his sister Maryanne Trump Barry and his late brother Robert, falsified documents to undervalue the share of the family business that she inherited when Fred, Jr. passed away in 1981. Mary was only 16 years old at the time.

She says her aunt and uncles “forced her to sign” fraudulent valuations in order to settle Fred Trump Sr.’s will. She has previously said that she agreed to the settlement because she believed that the family estate was worth $30 million, but years later she found out it was worth almost one billion dollars.

Now, she seems prepared to erase any connection with Donald in any way possible. In response to being asked what she would say to him if they could talk again,  Mary said “there are just two things I’d like to say.”

“The first, a question: ‘Donald, what movie did you go and see while my dad was dying alone in the hospital?’ And then I’d say: ‘Your father would be horrified by what a loser you turned out to be.’ Because for him that would be worse than anything.”

Mayor Aims to Turn Small Town Into QAnon, USA

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Mayor Aims to Turn Small Town Into QAnon, USA

City council meetings don’t often get heated in Sequim, Washington, a small town of roughly 7,000 people popular with retirees from Seattle.

But five days after militia members, crazed Trump supporters, and QAnon believers violently broke into the U.S. Capitol, a city council meeting buzzed with one question: did Sequim Mayor William Armacost still believe in QAnon?

“Do you still stand behind your belief that QAnon is a truth movement?” Armacost critic Marsha Maguire asked during a council meeting held on Zoom.

Armacost didn’t say anything, but the QAnon questions weren’t over. Next up, a Sequim resident who gave his name as “Josh” had an urgent question for Armacost: Could Armacost hold off on joining any new QAnon insurrections, even if just for a few weeks?

“At the very least, for the rest of this month, if you could promise not to commit any act of insurrection, that would be great,” Josh said at the meeting. “Just as a citizen of Sequim, I don’t like to be represented by terrorists. So if we could promise to finish out this month without killing anyone, that would be great.”

Questions about insurrections and QAnon have become the norm in Sequim, as its residents grapple with becoming what appears to be the first American town to have an open QAnon supporter as mayor. Now, with Armacost and his allies carrying out what critics have described as a QAnon coup of the town government, the fight over QAnon in Sequim has come to a head.

QAnon, a sprawling anti-Semitic conspiracy theory premised on anonymous posts from a figure named “Q” posits that the Democratic Party is run by a cabal of Satanic cannibal-pedophiles who will someday be arrested and executed by Donald Trump. QAnon supporters have gained a foothold in the GOP, with dozens of believers running for office in 2020 and two of them, Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Lauren Boebert (R-CO), winning House seats. Now Sequim finds itself as the latest flashpoint in QAnon’s rise.

Armacost, a salon owner and Sequim councilmember, was selected by other councilmembers in January 2020 to serve as the town’s next mayor.

Sequim operates under a “weak mayor” form of government that turns a salaried city manager into the city’s chief executive, meaning that the mayoral position was traditionally not hotly contested. After Armacost was chosen, the Sequim Gazette listed Armacost’s chief responsibility as running city council meetings.

Armacost’s support for QAnon didn’t come up during his appointment as mayor, or his term on the Sequim city council. But Sequim residents soon noticed that Armacost appeared to be a QAnon believer. In Facebook posts dating back to 2019, Armacost often wrote “WWG1WGA,” a reference to QAnon motto “Where we go one, we go all.”

In Dec. 2019, for example, Armacost reposted a fictional story about “Marine Todd,” a college student who punches a professor who says God isn’t real. Armacost added “WWG1WGA” and three American flag emojis to the post.

Armacost has promoted other QAnon ideas on Facebook, too. In December 2019, he posted a YouTube that showed satanic hands embracing the U.S. Capitol Dome, with a title that claimed the world had been under the control of “Luciferians”—QAnon lingo for Satan-worshippers. Armacost declared the video a “must watch.” Armacost also posted a video positing that John F. Kennedy Jr. had faked his death to take on the deep state, a claim embraced by a faction of QAnon believers.

Armacost has also appeared at council meetings with a skull pinned to his suit—the logo of vigilante superhero “The Punisher,” which has also become a popular symbol for QAnon supporters.

“He is QAnon completely,” Maguire, who has organized Sequim residents to oppose Armacost’s promotion of QAnon, told The Daily Beast. “He’s not wavering, he’s down the rabbit hole and all that.”

Sequim residents have also accused Armacost of failing to take the pandemic seriously because of his QAnon beliefs. In August, Armacost went to the annual motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota—a festival that was held with few coronavirus restrictions and eventually became a superspreader event with nationwide implications. After returning to Sequim, Armacost brushed off citizens’ complaints and refused to quarantine, comparing people asking him to quarantine to drug addicts hooked on promoting fears about the virus.

Armacost went further in late August, using a city radio interview called “Coffee with the Mayor” to proselytize the conspiracy theory. Asked about QAnon during the radio show, Armacost urged listeners to check out “Joe M,” a leading QAnon promoter whose videos have also been embraced by retired Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling.

“QAnon is a truth movement that encourages you to think for yourself,” Armacost said. “If you remove Q from that equation, it’s patriots from all over the world fighting for humanity, truth, freedom, and saving children and others from human trafficking.”

Armacost claimed that QAnon, which has been tied to several murders and is considered a domestic terror threat by the FBI, is about “leaving a better future” for children. Armacost even used his city platform to promote QAnon videos.

“I want to encourage you to search for ‘Joe M’ on YouTube and watch his videos,” Armacost said.

Armacost’s open support for QAnon appears to have opened up a rift with Sequim’s longtime city manager, Charlie Bush.

A few weeks after promoting QAnon in his radio appearance, Armacost apologized for promoting QAnon in the radio show in a city press release with Bush.

Bush said Armacost had “commented on national politics that have nothing to do with the City of Sequim,” calling it an unprecedented promotion of national politics at “Coffee with the Mayor.”

“The intent of the meeting is to discuss issues specific to the City of Sequim,” Bush said in the statement. “Any responses to questions reflecting the personal opinion of the Mayor do not reflect policy positions of the Sequim City Council or the organization.”

Armacost apologized in the statement for promoting QAnon at the event, but didn’t back away from the conspiracy theory itself.

“During our recent Coffee with the Mayor, I was asked about Qanon,” Armacost said in his own portion of the statement. “While I believe that people should fight for truth and freedom, it was inappropriate to respond to this question as Mayor during a program designed to talk about City of Sequim issues.”

Still, Armacost didn’t back away from QAnon.

Months after the “Coffee with the Mayor” flap, Bush’s supporters in Sequim claim the city manager is paying the price for criticizing Armacost’s QAnon boosterism.

At the Jan. 11 meeting where Armacost was asked whether he would commit to not joining any future QAnon insurrections, the council later went into a private session hidden from the public. At the end of the session, the council voted 4-2 on a surprise motion from Armacost demanding Bush’s resignation as city manager.

Sequim’s local government observers were initially baffled by the move to push out Bush. The reasoning hasn’t been public, although Armacost’s critics suspect that the mayor moved against Bush for two reasons: criticizing Armacost’s QAnon comments in his statement last year, and refusing to block a Native American tribe in Sequim from building a medication-assisted treatment facility in the town, a topic that has become a hot-button issue for conservative voters in the town. Because the meeting that led to Bush’s ouster was closed to the public, it’s not clear why the council voted to fire him. Armacost said that Bush had not been fired for doing anything illegal, saying instead that the firing was caused by “a combination of things over quite a while.”

Matthew Randazzo V, an author and former Sequim resident, declared that Bush’s ouster amounted to a city government “overthrown by QAnon mayor.” Maguire claimed that Armacost’s faction on the council was emboldened to move against Bush the Capitol riot days earlier.

“I think that the events of January 6 have kind of emboldened them,” she said.

Bush’s ouster has inspired more opposition to Armacost, with a petition calling for the city to retain Bush garnering more than 1,200 signatures — roughly a seventh of Sequim’s entire population—as of this writing. Bush’s supporters have formed a group called the Sequim Good Governance League, with plans to rally for Bush to keep his job despite Armacost’s efforts to get him fired.

Armacost declined to comment. Bush, who is still the city manager as the city negotiates his severance package, also declined to comment.

Maguire, who has helped organize the opposition to Armacost, said the mayor’s support for QAnon has hurt Sequim’s image.

“It reflects very poorly on the town,” Maguire said. “Not only is QAnon absurd, but it’s violent at its core. I think we’re a little microcosm of what’s happening at the national level.”

Black Lives Matter banner outside University Christian Church in San Diego defaced

raccoon raccoon <bigraccoon1@...>

Black Lives Matter banner outside University Christian Church in San Diego defaced

Senior Minister Caleb Lines said it’s not the vandalism that he finds heartbreaking: ‘It’s that some people truly don’t believe that Black lives matter or that the lives of LGBTQ+ people have value.’

A defaced Black Lives Matter sign at University Christian Church was discovered early Jan. 24, 2021, in San Diego. Photo courtesy of University Christian Church

A defaced Black Lives Matter sign at University Christian Church was discovered early Jan. 24, 2021, in San Diego. Photo courtesy of University Christian Church

January 25, 2021

(RNS) — A Black Lives Matter banner that hung outside University Christian Church in San Diego was defaced with paint over the weekend.

The Rev. Caleb Lines, senior minister of University Christian Church, said he found out about the vandalism around 6 a.m. Sunday (Jan. 24), when a security company sent him photos. It happened just after a number of rainbow-colored doors emblazoned with the words “God’s Doors Are Open to All” were ripped off of the church pillars on Friday, Lines said. It’s unclear if the incidents are related, he said.

Lines said it’s not the vandalism he finds heartbreaking: “It’s that some people truly don’t believe that Black lives matter or that the lives of LGBTQ+ people have value.”

University Christian Church is an open and LGBTQ+ affirming congregation affiliated with the United Church of Christ and Disciples of Christ.

Boston Marathon, Terrorism, and President Obama

RELATED: ’Proud Boys’ burn Black Lives Matter signs at churches in Washington

Lines said nearby businesses displaying Black Lives Matter posters on their windows were vandalized with paint too.

Although University Christian Church is in the LGBTQ-friendly neighborhood of Hillcrest, Lines said “San Diego is kind of a hotbed for hate groups,” emboldened under the recent Trump administration.

Lines said “hate doesn’t just end” because there’s a new president in the White House. “That is a legacy we’re going to be dealing with for a long time to come,” he said.

Leading up to the inauguration of President Joe Biden, the United Church of Christ warned member churches of reports that “liberal churches” were targets of possible attacks.

Lines said he has urged church members “not to get too discouraged.”

On Sunday morning, the congregation moved forward with online worship, where a guest preacher talked about how to combat the global poverty crisis.

The congregation will continue “pursuing peace and justice,” Lines said.

Re: Quiet times in Bellingham, but the vaccines should be on their way before too long

lyle pearson

That is, save that KLIPSUN!!

On Monday, January 25, 2021, 2:45:27 PM GMT+5:30, lyle pearson via <lylempearson@...> wrote:


On Monday, January 25, 2021, 1:54:15 PM GMT+5:30, lyle pearson via <lylempearson@...> wrote:





On Monday, January 25, 2021, 4:49:39 AM GMT+5:30, patmore555@... via <patmore555@...> wrote:

Thanks for all that you do, we all love you

On Sun, Nov 22, 2020 at 5:57 PM, Theslowlane via
<bicycletourist2002@...> wrote:
Betty Pages featured in a recent edition of Klipsun Magazine 
Klipsun is a magazine published by Western Washington University.
I'll add, from what I have heard. Quite a few of the distribution spots (restaurants and bars) for The Betty Pages are less available during the shutdowns for the pandemic, but the Betty Pages has been picked up by a statewide distributer. It's now available in cannabis shops across Washington State. 
Betty Pages used to mostly be distributed in Whatcom, Skagit and Snohomish Counties, but it is now distributed in pot shops statewide.
Yours's truly, Robert Ashworth, has had articles toward the back of the Betty Pages over the past few months.  
Link to Klipsun article about The Betty Pages, Betty Desire's tabloid.
Posted on Facebook about Back Door Bellingham bar during the Washington State pandemic restrictions.
Back Door next door to Rumor's Cabaret
We say goodbye for now, again. Backdoor will be closed for the next few weeks but during that time if you are looking for a Christmas gift that will also support your neighborhood safe space, look no further. We have gift cards available online using the link in our bio or you can do a contact-free pickup for an actual card! 
Or work with us to create a specialized batched cocktail for a personalized gift (or as a treat for yourself!) Just send us a message to discuss the details.
We look forward to seeing your faces in person when it is safe to do so and in the meantime, we appreciate any and all of your support.
Quite a few people are still joining the Facebook Group associated with this newsletter.
Welcome. Hope it's useful for some connection, though there isn't much activity during the pandemic. Looks like vaccines are on their way so we may just have to hold out a few months more.
Indoor activities, such as the Wednesday Dinner, are not safe to do. The Sunday morning 10 AM walks around Lake Padden still happen. It's outside and walking is easier to do with a mask on than eating. 
As for me, the bicycle and computer have been quite useful. I'm also pretty close to retirement. Where I work has temporarily laid me off anyway. This is a good time to be retired. 
I write a lot on my regular Facebook wall about many types of things. Also share lots of photos from around Belingham and so forth. 
Much of the stuff I put on Facebook also goes onto my blog and Flickr. Both those displays are available to the open web. No membership or login needed.
Feel free to keep in touch. I'll try to answer if your email doesn't get lost in the spam. 
Robert Ashworth (blog) 
This little newsletter published by Robert Ashworth

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