Field Day Logger

Calvin Gluck W7KYG

Good morning Mike,

We don’t currently offer a way to import or combine your logs from FT-8.  I recommend manually entering your FT-8 contacts using the web interface, the same way you will log your phone contacts and then use QRUQSP to generate the combined Cabrillo file for submission to ARRL. That’s what I do. 

michael morrelli

For the 2022 Field Day, the Club that I am member will use the QRUQSP logger.  I am working from home - 1E - and will also use.  For the FT-8 contacts, the software I use automatically logs the contact.  Is there a way to merge the Cabrillo files for QRUQSP and WSJT-X or to feed the FT-8 contacts from WSJT-X to the QRUQSP file, much as what what the HRD logging program can do?

Yes, my alternative is to log the FT-8 contacts as they occur in real time.  Just looking to "not duplicate" the same work.

Mike de KB4MOX