Hello from the UK


Hi - just to say I will be putting QRUQSP into service at the school I work at to do a number of things:
1 - Receive data on 868Mhz from our Bresser 5 in 1 Weather station that will give us the external temperatures and wind conditions, etc, for our geographers.
2 - Receive data on 433Mhz from inside our school greenhouse for the eco-students so they can keep an eye on conditions.
3 - Barometer data from a little module connected directly to the i2c
4 - (Once I've got a radio ready to use) Transmit APRS under our school amateur callsign of M0OHA with remote control shutdown too.
5 - Grow and potentially add things like Lightening conditions, etc.

All good fun and done from 1 x Raspberry Pi and a cheap RTL dongle.

Leigh M5GWH

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