The Official QRSS Knights

Note - Please tell us a bit about yourself in advance,your call sign, maybe your home page etc. Send it to please. This is because of the rise in the number of robot attacks, and we need to see some evidence that you exist as a genuine radio amateur licencee. No info = no entry !

This group is the replacement for the old QRSS Knights list, now defunct as of March 2017. We wish to pay tribute to Luc ON6UL and Johan ON5EX (SK Jan 2018) who started the  original group. The prime aim of this group is to discuss human readable grabber modes, such as QRSS, DFCW,SLOW HELL and other similar modes, preferably using 5 watts or less.  The group is open to anyone who has a genuine interest in QRSS. We don't mind some non QRSS posts to keep  our group social, and we don't do silly moderation.

(But no licensing pedantry in any form please!)

Our group messages rely upon sharing large graphics files in messages. If you have email problems, please use the website, or allow large attachments.

QRSS'ers....they are like noiseless patient spiders, hiding in the undergrowth, just below the WSPR bands or bottom 1Khz band edge, they send their mating calls, while the grabbers wait silently for their prey. Now pull up a chair, grab a beer, a big cigar and have some fun on the QRSS Knights.

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