PCBs for NorCal 2N2/XX Rig

Jim Kortge


After a lot of discussion with close associates and thinking through all of the issues with making the PCB available for the NorCal 2N2/XX rig, I've decided not to do it.  Here are the main reasons why.

That PCB is really dense, so much so that many of the support issues I had to deal with came down to builders putting the parts in the wrong place.  In addition, there are 300 parts needed for that PCB, many of which are no longer available, and some of them were quite expensive like the 10-turn tuning pot at nominally $10.00 per unit.

It is obvious to me that a substantial amount of time would be required to find suitable replacements for the extinct parts; I have neither the time nor the inclination to do that for a design that is now 11 years old.  Additionally and realistically, since I was the designer of the rig, most of the support questions would come to me; I've moved on and can't get back into that mode.  When the kit launched, support issues took over my life for most of a year.  I'm going to be selfish and not let that happen again.

Finally, all of the documentation for the 2N2/XX is on my web site: www.k8iqy.com ( http://www.k8iqy.com ) so you can get the docs, build any of the 3 bands Manhattan-style, like I did originally, or make your own PCB using DipTrace or KiCAD with the changes you see fit (like DDS tuning and Digital Display) on a PCB sized to your liking.

So, I hate to disappoint all of those clamoring for 2N2/XX PCBs, but for the reasons above, (and a lot of other unspoken reasons) it won't be happening.

72/73 to all and enjoy the upcoming holidays,

Jim, K8IQY

PS....thanks to all who offered to help out with making boards available, I truly appreciate your support.