Mustool MT883 Soldering Iron Review (kinda long)


This is a 117V, A.C. line powered, temperature-regulated soldering iron available from Banggood and other vendors.

Positives: IMO, this is a fine tool for the price (~$9 - $20 dollars, vendor dependent). The overall appearance and construction quality is very good. I like the light weight of the iron and the flexibility of the power cord. I also like the user interface (LCD display and controls). This is an iron I can put in my field toolbox and not need to carry around a soldering station. I also like the fact that it uses readily available Hakko (or equivalent) soldering tips.

Negatives: I gave it 1 star for quality on Banggood because, unfortunately, mine will not function properly as received. It heats and regulates the tip temperature however the display cannot be calibrated for the correct readout as the required offset is out of range of the iron's control system. This is NOT a design flaw as I've used Doug KI6DS's MT883 (also purchased from Banggood 7 days after mine) , calibrated it with ease (I own a soldering tip thermometer) and successfully soldered with it. We used both irons at this past Friday's QRPacificon Buildathon during construction of participant's Pacificon Special Antenna. I simply used a "fudge factor" to set mine to the correct tip temperature. After which it functioned acceptably; only the temp. display was incorrect.

Instructions: Seem to be unavailable in electronic format on the 'net. If one is sight-impaired, prepare to use magnification to read the the white-on-black instructions printed qrp type size on the back of the package. I got through it, with some difficulty.

Considering the low price I paid for this tool, returning it is not worth the trouble of complying with Banggood's ridiculous return policy requirements.

I can recommend this iron, especially for novice electronic hobbyists, PROVIDED that one is willing to accept the possibility of receiving a defective product.

As Wayne Green used to say, "Caveat Emptor".

73.......Steve Smith WB6TNL
"Snort Rosin"