Excess Parts, next attempt



I don't do paypal and don't want to, so let's try it this way:

1. Email me your mailing address and which parts you want.
2. When the envelope arrives, try the parts. They're old and haven't been
stored for ESD, so try them out.
3. If you like them, put 2 single dollar bills in an envelope, fold them into
a piece of paper to make them more opaque, and send them to me to cover costs.
4. If you don't like them, you're not out anything.

By the way, I estimated poorly; there's only a couple hundred of the

Finally, the cost and hassle of sending these overseas makes this deal
prohibitive for me. US destinations only.

P.S. To whoever sent me a paypal without asking first, I don't want to
sign up for Paypal. Take your money back and send me your mailing address and
we'll give the USPS some business.

Bill L

On 1/23/2021 at 2:11 PM, "Bill" <bill@lazure.net> wrote:

My employer tossed some old parts. I grabbed a box that contains
several thousand each of CA3039 (6 matched diodes, low capacitance, low
forward voltage) that might be useful for mixers, and MPS6518 (PNP General
Purpose in TO-92 package, compared to 2N3906).

If you need some send me buck and I'll put some in a padded envelope for

My address is good in QRZ.