Dead (or seriously-ill) FeelTech FY3200S

Todd Carney

Maybe some of you have had this same problem. After about a year of non use, I fired up my Feeltech FY3200S and was greeted with a lit-up but otherwise blank LCD, and a constant howl from the on-board annunciator. No pushing of buttons or turning of knob did anything. BTW, I've already removed the leaky power supply it came with and I'm using an external one for the +5 and +/-12V power. As far as I can remember, it was working fine after I chucked the bad supply (to be clear, it was working fine on the factory-installed supply, but I was disturbed by reports of AC on the BNC grounds).

I've checked and triple-checked the supply voltages, and removed the main board from the case for close examination. Even under magnification, all looks okay. The thing's too cheap to spend much more time on, but has anyone on the group had a similar experience? Any solutions?


Todd K7TFC