WWVB surrogate

Dave Hartman <ac2gl@...>

Have you taken a look at:
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Pete Ferrand

Another approach I'd like to try is an IOS app called Clock Wave. It picks up the time from the net, then emits a tone from the iPhone/iPad/iPod that is picked up by your radio controlled watch/clock. Probably works thru harmonics from the mobile devices speaker. It's been on the app store for two years and amazingly enough appears to work really well. The cost is a not unreasonable $1.99. Unfortunately I don't have any Apple devices - it needs IOS 8 or later - so I can't use it.



Various YouTube demos and discussions can be found with a search.

Regrettably it doesn't seem as though there's anything like this for Android or Windows.

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wim ton

There are several of these projects with an SBC. In my corner of the world for the German DCF77, but maybe the protocol is similar. For example:
https://www.elektormagazine.com/labs/dcf77-emulator-with-esp8266-elektor-labs-version-150713 or
https://blog.blinkenlight.net/experiments/dcf77/dcf77-generator/ with an Arduino

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