Re: Tejas RF Backpacker II

Pete Ferrand

Hi Byron:

This is a great idea. I've had a 40 meter Backpacker II for over a dozen years and it's a superb rig. Has the needed features and it's stable and does everything right as far as keying, filtering and so on. No need for an LNA on 40 of course. Don't think many folks know about this set or but for those who want a non-digital radio it's a good fit. Best of luck with the project.

Somers, WI

Hello- I see someone mentioned the W7EL transceiver in a recent post. I thought I would make mention that I obtained what was left from my good friend Bill Hickox's K5BDZ (SK) shut-down company "Tejas RF". The Backpacker II was a last generation of the W7EL design. The VFO does not operate on the operating freq, but is instead pre-mixed. The transceiver has very nice QSK and has a very clean DC receiver, with RIT and audio filtering. It is a 3 board kit that can be adapted to most HF bands and has a very good construction manual. Bill really did do a nice job with this little unit. Bill's heirs gave me permission to continue the design if I wished. I do have a stock of PC board sets and most of the parts. The cases are where I am short of, just a
few are all I have. My intentions were if, in the future, QRP enthusiasts were to actually become interested in some of the older kits that I could furnish the majority of the parts and boards and the design would live on. My personal plans are to build versions of this transceiver for several bands. I plan to add an LNA ahead of the receiver in some of my builds and picked up a few of the LNA boards for the R-2 Pro. However, I built one of the 30 meter units back years ago and the receiver was fine without an LNA; I am thinking it may be beneficial on the higher bands. Anyway, I am nearing retirement and thought this may be a nice project. Thanks all, Byron WA5THJ

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