Re: Need Molex Socket


I usually just get the bigger pin count and use my nippers to cut them down
to what I need...

On Sat, Jan 5, 2019 at 6:22 PM Chuck Carpenter <> wrote:


DigiKey shows that part number as obsolete too but shows an alternate
part, 22-18-2031, that would work.

My incoming message header shows your address as:

From: "Ray via Groups.Io" <>

It doesn't look like an address so didn't try a PM... ;-)

Mouser shows that as being an obsolete part and not available. I
just tested a standard 3 position 2.54 header socket and a TO-220
part fits fine. If you need one, PM me and I will throw a couple in
an envelope and mail them out to you.


Chuck, W5USJ
EM22cv, Rains Co. Texas

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