OCXO OSC5A2B02 10.000 MHZ

Alan Jones

I finally received a OCXO from the extremely slow boat from China.
How much resistance do I need in order to adjust "Vcont" on pin #3 ?

My initial hook up without Vcont, according to my eBay 8 digit frequency counter showed a slow frequency drift from about 9.999.820 MHz up to 10.000.027 and stabilized after about 7 minutes. Current draw got up to a max of around 400 mA and then settled in around 198 mA and the oscillator can was warm to the touch.

The OCXO I received from eBay was used and has a calibration sticker on it.

While looking for info on this OCXO I stumbled onto this document about Precision Oscillator Overview.

I just ordered the GPSDO that Chuck referenced in an earlier email.
We will see how long it takes to get here!

Al, N8WQ

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