Re: SA612AN - really hot when VCC is applied

Michael has smd SA612 for $1.66 each. Minimum of 1 ordered with free overnight shipping. They do ship overnight on a few parts! The next break points are at 10/1.4988, 100/1.3005, 1000/1.008
The date code is 1708 from Thailand and they have 1900 in stock.
If you are willing to wait three day you can get the parts form the Netherlands dated 1827. Still free shipping.


On 9/23/2018 10:17 PM, na5n_qrp wrote:

Kits and Parts (Diz) also has the thru-hole versions shown on his website ... the NE602AN and NE612AN, as well as the SA602AD SMT part.  5 for $10, or $2 each.  Mouser also has the SMD versions for $2.88/1 and $2.45/10 with 11,000 in stock.  DigiKey has them as well for $2.36 each with 1,000 in stock.  Search for SA602 or SA612 ... NE602/612 produces no results and seldom shown in their catalogs, but they have them.  They're not as rare as some have claimed.

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