Re: Update on GPSDO video

chuck adams


I assume that you are talking about the WWVB emulator.

The GPSDO, IMHO, is a requirement to get a good 10.00MHz
frequency standard for calibrating a lot of stuff.

chuck, k7qo

On 09/22/2018 08:20 PM, Alan Biocca wrote:
The GPS chips with PPS output are sufficient for that, don't even need a
GPSDO. I bought one the other day for under $20. The GPS's for drones are
quite inexpensive. Just make sure the PPS output is available as well as
the serial.

-- Alan, w6akb

On Sat, Sep 22, 2018 at 7:47 PM chuck adams <>

I managed to beat the 11pm MST deadline by 3 hours. Enjoy.

Frequency comparison is within 1mH (milli-Hertz) between the two standards.
We know that the GPS system is going to be around a long time. It's in
use in
too many critical applications now to give it up.

Re GPS: I was impressed with the Chinese railroad people getting high
speed rail tracks
laid to a tolerance of 5mm. Their record speed now stands at 600 kph
(km per hour).

When do we want to start the winter building season? It's not even fall
type wx here
in the valley of the sun. :-)

Any one have the serial output data for the GPSDO? Might be interesting
to build a
1mW transmitter to emulate WWVB and feed my atomic clocks during the
hours from time to time. Of course, keeping it in a Faraday cage.


chuck, k7qo,

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