Re: Spectrum Analyzer


I have a DSA815-TG that I purchased around 2014 or so. Can't remember exactly when I got it. It is one of the early releases so the main board is not compatible with the 10 Hz RBW upgrade that Rigol released. However, I have used it to build a couple of nice receivers. I was able to build and adjust all the LC filters and crystal filters needed for the receivers. I have also built LC filters for one of the $20 SDR sticks. It was indispensable when I was doing some development work on a 433.92 MHz keyfob for a client. Overall I have been very happy with the unit.

If I were purchasing a new spectrum analyzer today, I would get the Siglent SSA 3021X. It has a larger screen, better resolution, and lower noise figure. The Siglent is about $200 more than the Rigol. Not sure if you consider $1400 affordable. I spend more on test equipment than radios. But I also build and experiment more than operate.


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