Re: QRP Guys RF Probe


This a further followup to my kit construction:

Other than the challenge getting the AD8307 chip soldered the rest of the kit went well.

A small resistor on the back of the display must be jumpered to provide the correct voltage range.  The instructions suggest placing a piece of wire wrap wire over the resistor and soldering in place.  When I attempted to do this, with my smallest SMD solder tip I managed to unsolder the resistor. Removing the resistor made the jumper process easy.

It would be nice to silkscreen a table or chart to convert the display readings into dbm.  I think there is room between the display mounting screws on the back of the circuit board.

The instructions say to place the two rubber feet beside each other.  The feet are too big so one goes under the rear battery case and under the two inductors up front.

This is a quality kit, but it requires some experience with SMD soldering.


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