QRP Guys RF Probe


These guys are a list of Who's Who of kit builders and designers.  I just had to have the AD8307 RF signal probe.  I hope there are new kits in the pipe line.

I received my kit two days ago.

This morning I completed installation of the surface mount devices after reading Steve Ratzlaff's review in message #11208.

The pads have some mass so the soldering iron needs to provide some heat.  I used a larger than normal SMD tip on my Hakko 936.  I also applied flux from a pen before soldering.

The LM358 soldered very nicely.  But the AD8307 was a different story.  The IC pins were reluctant to take solder.  When the flux pen didn't work I added some liquid flux from a bottle with a brush.  I finally got contract when I resorted to solder with 2% silver.  My normal solder is 63-37 tin-lead.

The 1206 components soldered fine. 

I'm building my kit, stock.  I'll see how it works before considering Steve's changes.


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