Re: PCB Special


I used to get my boards from Seed Studio. I switched to a lower cost option about a year ago. I now use a board house named Smart Prototyping.

I order about 6 different designs per year, combination mine and for contract work I do for other companies.

I just looked and my last order was for 10 boards (10mm X 10mm pricing). The boards were $11.90 and registered shipping via Deutsche Post was $12.23. Total cost for 10 boards: $24.13. It usually takes about 3 weeks from the time I order until I receive the boards. They have faster shipping at higher rates. But I am never in a hurry for the boards when I order. The one thing I did learn was to pay about $1 more and use Deutsche Post instead of Swiss Post. I used Swiss Post one time. They lost the order and it took 3 weeks to get from New York to Phoenix. Apparently they don't hand it off to USPS in NY but bring it out west somewhere for the hand off.

The boards have always been very good quality. Of course the ones from Seed were also very good, but more costly due to higher shipping charges.


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