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We are a club in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts seeking to build a diverse, inclusive, and friendly environment in which to play Magic: the Gathering. Though several of us are indeed nerdy white dudes, we're keen to recruit members who might not fit the traditional stereotype of trading card gamers. Everyone interested in Magic: the Gathering is welcome, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, or experience. If you liked the vibe at Northampton's Modern Myths and want to find a M:tG venue that replicates that, we'll save you a seat.

Our events take place at 7pm on Fridays at College Church in Northampton. While the church has generously provided us with a wonderful space to use, we are not affiliated with them. The standard Pioneer Valley Planeswalkers event is booster draft. $10 buys three packs of the current set to draft. There's no prize support, as the focus is on building and playing fun decks and just generally enjoying ourselves. On the first Friday of each month we do something different (and usually free). It could be Commander, or cube draft, or some other format picked by the members present at the previous meeting. There are no membership dues or requirements, other than a sincere desire to play friendly games of M:tG.

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