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- Volume 15, Issue 10, September 1, 2016.

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SECTION ONE: New references.

What's new at the Web Design Reference site?

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09: What Can You Find at the Web Design Reference Site?

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++ SECTION ONE: New references.


What Does Accessibility Supported Mean?

By LĂ©onie Watson.

"With the recent news that Microsoft Edge now has 100% accessibility
support for HTML5, this post looks at what 'accessibility supported'
means, and where it fits into the bigger accessibility picture..." what-does-accessibility-supported-mean/

Computer Vision API: What Does It See?

By Joseph C Dolson.

"Microsoft has a service called the Computer Vision API. It's a simple
system: feed it an image, and it analyzes the image and returns text

Web Accessibility Regulations are Overdue

By Jonathan Lazar. (Hat tip to Jennifer Sutton)

"...People with disabilities cannot meaningfully participate in
twenty-first-century society without access to technology, any more
than any one else can. That's why accessibility is such an urgent
matter of public policy." 2016/08/29/web-accessibility-regulations-overdue-column/87043768/

The Inaccessible Web: How We Got Into This Mess

By Mischa Andrews. (Hat tip to Jennifer Sutton)

"Theoretically, anyone can access the web. In reality, disabled people
are excluded..." the-inaccessible-web-how-we-got-into-this-mess-7cd3460b8e32

Get Your VPAT/ GPAT in a Hurry

By Karl Groves.

"...If someone tells you they can turn around a VPAT or GPAT in that
amount of time, RUN. They are going to risk not only the contract but
possibly a load more..."

Accessible Language Pickers: a11y meets i18n/l10n

By Terrill Thompson.

"...As a developer, the biggest takeaway for me from these experiments
is that unsupported and unrecognized languages are not rendered well
by screen readers, which reinforces the need to supplement the noise
with a translation in English (or the primary language of the site, if
not English)...."

How to Create a Culture of Accessibility

By Cory Lebson.

"I was recently asked by a UX colleague how he might be able to
incorporate accessibility into his company's organizational
culture..." how-create-culture-accessibility-cory-lebson

Section 508 Refresh - Next Steps for Federal Agencies and Their Vendors

By Jonathan Avila.

"Here are some of the gaps that we have identified: The current
Section 508 has a twice per second flashing limit while WCAG specifies
three times per second and also allows for small areas to contain
flashing content. Section 508 also allows for flashing in the range
from 56-59 times per seconds while WCAG does not allow for this. WCAG
does not require that documents are readable without style sheets,
only that content is in a meaningful sequence. Section 508 indicates
that documents be readable without an associated style sheet. The
current Section 508 requires that embedded and linked non-HTML media
provide a link to an accessible plug-in. The current Section 508
requires that alternative pages are not used unless absolutely
necessary, while WCAG allows for alternative pages to be used. WCAG
has no bar for determining when they are not allowed...." section-508-refresh-next-steps-federal-agencies-vendors/


CSS Positioning Explained By Building An Ice Cream Sundae

By Kevin Kononenko.

"If you've made an ice cream sundae before, then you can understand
CSS positioning..." explained-by-building-an-ice-cream-sundae-831cb884bfa9#.ohm06ko6i

The Web is not Print and Other Stories

By Rachel Andrew.

"...No, the web is not print. However it shouldn't be defined by being
not print. Nor should we allow assumptions about what is and isn't
possible stop us experimenting. Unless we find the edges, unless we
ask why we can't do things, unless we come up with ways to try and
make it work, the native tools won't get better..." 2016/08/31/the-web-is-not-print-and-other-stories/


Real-Time Remote Usability Testing with Screen Reader Users,

Part 1: Practical Overview

By Caitlin Geier.

"If your organization is at all interested in user-centered or user
experience design, then you likely invest in usability testing your
application with key members of your user base..." usability-testing-screen-reader-users-part-1-practical-overview/

An Introduction to Remote Usability Testing

by Harry Brignull.

"What is 'Remote Usability Testing'? When would you use it, and what
are the potential pitfalls?..." how-to-conduct-remote-usability-testing--cms-26977

Can You Change A Standardized Questionnaire?

By Jeff Sauro.

"Questionnaires are an effective way for gauging sentiments toward
constructs like usability, loyalty, and the quality of the website
user experience. A standardized questionnaire is one that has gone
through psychometric validation."

Actual, Factual (Affordable) Usability Testing

By Jess Hutton.

"...usability testing can take so many forms, including many that are
cheap and quick..."

+04: EVENTS.

Making Learning Accessible Conference
December 2, 2016.
East Lansing, Michigan, U.S.A.


How to Make Tour Wireframes More Accessible in Five Easy Steps

By Alison Walden.

"...Follow these five easy steps to make your wireframes more accessible..." wireframes-more-accessible-in-five-easy-steps/


Accessibility Object Model

Editors: Alice Boxhall, Bogdan Brinza, James Craig, Dominic Mazzoni,
Cynthia Shelley, and Alexander Surkov.

"This effort aims to create a JavaScript API to allow developers to
explore and modify the accessibility tree for an HTML page..." master/

Glenda Sims - Web and Mobile Accessibility + ARIA

By Christopher Schmitt.

"In this episode, Christopher Schmitt is joined once again by Glenda
Sims. Glenda is the Accessibility Practice Manager at Deque Systems
helping to define accessibility and lead over 50 experts on staff..."


The Future Web Wants You

By Brian Kardell.

"In the mid-1990's, I didn't really know much about standards, but it
seemed that they obviously existed..."

Safari's Visual User Agent Switcher (Tweet)

By Derek Featherstone.

"Option + Cmd + R enters Responsive Design Mode in Safari, shows
visual user agent switcher..."

The GIF Is Dead. Long Live the GIF.

By Eric Limer.

"Inside the internet's long, doomed quest to replace its most iconic​
and flawed filetype..." a21457/the-gif-is-dead-long-live-the-gif/


UXPA International Opening Keynote: Kelly Goto (Video)

By Kelly Goto.

"After nearly 3-decades, veteran design ethnographer Kelly Goto has a
sweeping story to tell-a passionate personal journey of engaging with
real people and getting to WHY. Come along for the ride and learn how
a fishbowl and a missed flight to London allowed her to refocus and
envision a new research direction that is poised to shift the UX
industry beyond usability forever."

Top 10 Tips for UX Success From Agile Practitioners

By Hoa Loranger.

"125 practitioners share their experience and success stories for
improving user experience in Agile projects."

Social Media Natives: Growing Up with Social Networking

By Kate Meyer.

"Social media use has altered how Millennials think about friendships
and relationships. This impact stands as valuable reminder of the
consequences of UX-design decisions."

Why You Need to Write In Plain Language

By Mia Botha.

"Plain language is writing that everyone can understand. You are only
able to write this way if you understand exactly what it is that you
want to say. Don't think you are 'dumbing it down'. You are
communicating in a clear, simple manner..."

Button Design Best Practices

By Nick Babich.

"...In this post, I'll cover the basics you need to know in order to
create effective controls that improve user experience..." xd-essentials-button-design-best-practices/

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+09: What Can You Find at the Web Design Reference Site?

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