MEDICAL NEWS: Medical and Health News Sources and Source Lists

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Medical and Health News Sources and Source Lists



Medical and Health News Sources and Source Lists



Sources of Medical News and Reports

  • New York Times. Health News Section

  • MNT (Medical News Today) Recent Medical News

  • MNT (Medical News Today): Archive Of All Articles

  • Science Daily. Health and Medicine News

  • THE MEDICAL NEWS from News-Medical.Net

    Medical Research News
    Child Health News
    Women's Health
    Men's Health
    Healthcare News
    Disease News
    White Papers
    Health Articles
    Drug Updates
    Latest News
    Medical Devices

  • WebMD Health News

  • MedPage Today

  • American Medical News (AMedNews)

    About American Medical News

    American Medical News has ceased publication.

    Navigating the vault

    While we will no longer be posting new content
    at, years of our news stories,
    features and columns remain available.
    Here are some of the handiest ways to find
    past items.

    » BY TOPIC: Research a subject of interest
    » BY REGION: Find stories about your part of the country
    » BY YEAR: Go back in time by section

    American Medical News is the print and online
    news source for physicians published by the
    American Medical Association. No other single
    publication covers the same spectrum of
    medical news.

    Unsustainable financial losses forced the move
    despite the newspaper's editorial quality,
    the AMA's senior management says.
    The Association's other news operations will be
    enhanced. The paper won more than 60 journalism
    awards in the last

  • Medical Headlines

    What's New
    News Flash
    Medical News
    E-Mail Medical Alerts!

  • Medscape News

    Medscape from WebMD is a part of
    WebMD Health Professional Network
    that includes and

    Visit our corporate website for investor
    information, corporate management and
    press releases related to WebMD.

    Some of the key features of Medscape
    from WebMD are:

    Original, professional medical
    content, including review articles,
    journal commentary, expert
    columns, patient education
    articles, book reviews, and more.

    Conference Coverage:
    Thought leaders summarize key data
    and presentations from major medical

    The Internet's first primary-source
    medical journal, The Medscape from
    WebMD Journal of Medicine.

    Selected daily professional medical
    news in your specialty from Reuters,
    Medscape Medical News, and medical
    news journal publishers.

  • Medscape Reference

    Drugs, OTCs, & Herbals
    Diseases & Conditions
    Image Collections
    Drug Interaction Checker
    Pill Identifier
    Health Directory

  • CNN Health

  • Medical News, Inc

  • Medical News from NewsWise

  • MedicineNet

  • Latest Medical News from Medline Plus

  • Physicians Weekly

  • Unbound Medline

    Subject Areas for News Aggregations

    Acid reflux and indigestion
    Asperger syndrome
    Avian flu
    Biomedical technology
    Bird flu
    Bisphenol A
    Breast cancer
    Cancer screening and prevention
    Colon cancer
    Cyclooxygenase 2 inhibitors
    Disaster planning
    Disease outbreaks
    Drug abuse
    Drug delivery systems
    Evidence-based medicine
    Gastric bypass for obesity
    High blood pressure
    High cholesterol
    Hormone replacement therapy
    Natural disasters
    Personal health
    Post traumatic stress disorder
    Prostate cancer
    Quality of health care
    Relief work
    Shingles vaccine
    Staph infections, MSRA
    Swine flu
    Swine Influenza
    Swine Influenza A (H1N1) virus
    World Health Organization

  • Sci Central: Health Science News

  • U.S. News. Health and Wellness

  • BBC News: Health

  • Healthcare IT News

  • Health News by Date from Medline  


  • Yahoo News: Health


  • NPR Health

  • Kaiser Health News (KHN)

  • Internal Medicine News
    Featured Topics
    Women's Health 
    Medical Education Library
    Journal Scan
    Summary Of Key Articles

  • Health News Watchdog Blog from Health News

  • Voice of America Health News

  • Medical Research News and Interviews:
    Exclusive News and Interviews with Researchers From Major and Specialty Medical Research Journals and Meetings
    Main menu
    Author Interviews
    Blood Pressure – Hypertension
    Cancer _ Oncology
    Genetic Research
    Kidney Disease
    Liver Disease
    Mental Health Research
    Pain Research
    Weight Issues
    Privacy Policy
    Advertising Policy
    About Us

    "The interview format of Medical is geared toward the busy practitioner or member of the interested public. 
    The editors of select key journal articles and publish interviews from the designated researchers 
    in a standardized format familiar to members of the broad medical community.

    In particular, the editors are interested in learning from the medical researchers :

    What are the key points of your research?

    Was the outcome compatible with your premise or were the results surprising?

    What should practicing clinicians and the public take home from your study?

    What further questions remain to be answered in this answer? What further research is indicated?"

    Jobs & opportunities
    Support us
    Advertising & sponsorship
    About us
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    Help & FAQs

    "The principal aim of BioNews is to provide accurate, balanced and timely news and comment on genetics, 
    assisted conception, embryo/stem cell research and related areas. Since the launch of BioNews in 1999, 
    it has been one of the principal means via which the Progress Educational Trust (PET) - a registered charity 
    (number 1139856) whose Patron is Baroness Mary Warnock - has sought to improve public and professional 
    understanding of, and engagement with, these fields.

    In addition to explaining the science behind the headlines, BioNews covers the political, legal, ethical and 
    broader social issues that arise from controversial developments. Its news, comment and reviews - available 
    for free on this website and also via its email newsletter, RSS feed and twitter feed - provide an invaluable 
    roundup of essential news and views for anyone with a professional or personal interest in biomedicine. 
    The editors of BioNews have total editorial control of its content. In producing this publication, they are bound 
    only by honest reporting and scientific accuracy.

    BioNews specialises in material that is simultaneously targeted at lay and specialist audiences – comprehensible 
    by the former, but nonetheless regarded as valuable and authoritative by the latter. It strives to represent a wide 
    range of public and professional viewpoints, and to respond rapidly to issues when they trigger media debate. 
    It also aims to contribute to the training of the next generation of science writers, by offering the opportunity to 
    write for BioNews and join its successful writing scheme."


Lists of Medical News Sources

Medical and Health Web Portal Sites

  • Medical Library Association (MLA) Top 100 List: Health Websites You Can Trust FROM CAPHIS
    "The purpose of the CAPHIS Top 100 List is to provide CAPHIS members and other librarians with a resource to use in their daily practice and teaching. Secondly, it is our contribution to the Medical Library Association so that the headquarters staff can refer individuals to a list of quality health web sites. Our goal is to have a limited number of resources that meet the quality criteria for currency, credibility, content, audience, etc., as described on our website. These lists of resources expand upon the MLA Top Ten List"

    General Health
    Women's Health
    Men's Health

    Parenting & Kids
    Senior Health
    Specific Health

    For Health Professionals
    Drug Information Resources
    Complementary & Alternative
    Other Useful Health Sites

  • DICTIONARIES: MEDICAL: Medical Dictionaries on the Internet
    Medical Dictionaries FROM a Google Domain Limited Web Search
    ("medical dictionary" OR "medical dictionaries") AND SITE: GOV

  • Top 100 List: Health Websites You Can Trust FROM CAPHIS
    Websites are Listed for each of these fields:

    General Health
    Women's Health
    Men's Health
    Parenting and Children
    Senior Health
    Specific Health

    For Health Professionals
    Drug Information Resources
    Complementary and Alternative
    Other Useful Health Sites

  • Medline Plus
    A service of the 
    U.S. National Library of Medicine
    From the National Institutes of Health


  • Health

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    " is CDC's primary online communication channel. Annually, there are close to 500 million page views to the site, averaging 41 million page views per month. provides users with credible, reliable health information on:

    Data and Statistics
    Diseases and Conditions
    Emergencies and Disasters
    Environmental Health
    Healthy Living
    Injury, Violence and Safety
    Travelers' Health
    Workplace Safety and Health
    And more…"

  • (Information Technology for Health Care from the United States Government)
    "Health information technology (health IT) makes it possible for health care providers to better manage patient care through secure use and sharing of health information. Health IT includes the use of electronic health records (EHRs) instead of paper medical records to maintain people's health information."

  • World Health Organization. The Health Internet

  • WEB MD

  • Medicine

  • Health Day eHealth Portals

  • Mayo Clinic


  • .
  • Healthline

  • Pew Research Internet Project. Health Fact Sheet.

  • Portal:Medicine From Wikipedia

    Alternative medicine
    Medical education
    First aid
    History of medicine
    Medical signs
    Medical specialties
    Medical technology
    Medical terminology
    Medical tests
    Traditional medicine
    Medical treatments

    Clinical research
    Diseases and disorders

    Cell biology


  • Penn State Summon Search Source Listings for Health and Medical Websites and Portals
    13,155,604 results

    (portal OR portals OR website OR websites OR "web resource" OR internet OR "core sources" OR "web list") AND (medicine OR medical OR health OR kinesiology OR "exercise physiology" OR wellness OR disease OR diseases OR mortality)

    Source Types

    Album (3) Include Exclude
    Archival Material (4,228) Include Exclude
    Art (8) Include Exclude
    Article (7) Include Exclude
    Audio Recording (7,263) Include Exclude
    Book / eBook (1,126,794) Include Exclude
    Book Chapter (104,287) Include Exclude
    Book Review (84,342) Include Exclude
    Case (4) Include Exclude
    Catalog (2) Include Exclude
    Computer File (1) Include Exclude
    Conference Proceeding (40,177) Include Exclude
    Course Reading (17) Include Exclude
    Data Set (5,810) Include Exclude
    Database (18) Include Exclude
    Dissertation/Thesis (202,397) Include Exclude
    Drawing (2) Include Exclude
    Electronic Resource (480) Include Exclude
    Equipment (1) Include Exclude
    Film (4) Include Exclude
    Finding Aid (2) Include Exclude
    Government Document (98,731) Include Exclude
    Houseware (5) Include Exclude
    Image (102) Include Exclude
    Journal / eJournal (19,997) Include Exclude
    Journal Article (2,177,208) Include Exclude
    Kit (9) Include Exclude
    Library Holding (68) Include Exclude
    Magazine (123) Include Exclude
    Magazine Article (398,209) Include Exclude
    Manuscript (1,735) Include Exclude
    Map (5) Include Exclude
    Market Research (34,416) Include Exclude
    Microform (1,173) Include Exclude
    Model (5) Include Exclude
    Newsletter (266,875) Include Exclude
    Newspaper (2,969) Include Exclude
    Newspaper Article (7,113,017) Include Exclude
    Painting (7) Include Exclude
    Pamphlet (784) Include Exclude
    Paper (2,284) Include Exclude
    Patent (206,108) Include Exclude
    Photograph (25) Include Exclude
    Poem (494) Include Exclude
    Poster (67) Include Exclude
    Presentation (283) Include Exclude
    Publication (10,646) Include Exclude
    Publication Article (30) Include Exclude
    Reference (131,922) Include Exclude
    Report (415,763) Include Exclude
    Research Guide (20,166) Include Exclude
    Research Publication (1) Include Exclude
    Slide (1) Include Exclude
    Sound Recording (1) Include Exclude
    Special Collection (67) Include Exclude
    Spoken Word Recording (1) Include Exclude
    Standard (4,311) Include Exclude
    Streaming Audio (27) Include Exclude
    Streaming Video (3,702) Include Exclude
    Student Thesis (438) Include Exclude
    Technical Report (934) Include Exclude
    Trade Publication Article (119,220) Include Exclude
    Transcript (441,810) Include Exclude
    Video Recording (3,179) Include Exclude
    Web Resource (127,203) Include Exclude

  • Penn State Summon Search Source Listings for Health and Medical Websites and Portals Limited to Reference Media Popular and Document Sources
    91,438 results

    (portal OR portals OR website OR websites OR "web resource" OR internet OR "core sources" OR "web list") AND (medicine OR medical OR health OR kinesiology OR "exercise physiology" OR wellness OR disease OR diseases OR mortality)

  • PogoFrog Listings for Health and Medical Websites and Portals
    (portal OR portals OR website OR websites OR "web resource" OR internet OR "core sources" OR "web list") AND (medicine OR medical OR health OR kinesiology OR "exercise physiology" OR wellness OR disease OR diseases OR mortality)

    Content Sample - Your Source for Reliable Health Information
    Health Conditions and Diseases ... Find a Health Topic by first letter: ... A Federal Government website managed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human ...

    Medical Students - Medscape
    Find Medical Students Continuing Medical Education (CME), Medical Students medical journal articles, MEDLINE, Medical Students medical news, thought leader perspectives, ... This website also contains material copyrighted by 3rd parties.

    Medical Devices
    Cybersecurity, Mobile Medical Applications, Wireless Medical Devices ... International Medical Device Regulators Forum, Medical Device Single Audit Program ...

    MedlinePlus - Health Information from the National Library of Medicine
    Find information on health conditions, wellness issues, and more in easy-to-read language on MedlinePlus, the up-to-date, trusted health information site from ...

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    As the nation's health protection agency, CDC saves lives and protects people from health, safety, and security threats.

    Evaluating Internet Health Information: A Tutorial from the National ...
    May 2, 2016 ... This tutorial teaches you how to evaluate the health information that you find on the Web. It is about 16 minutes long. You need the Flash ...

    Medical Device Databases
    Sep 19, 2016 ... CDRH Databases: a listing of databases for such topics as advisory committees, regulations, good practices, medical devices, Premarket ...

    National Library of Medicine - National Institutes of Health
    The National Library of Medicine (NLM), on the NIH campus in Bethesda, Maryland, is the ... Visit the website to find reliable HIV/AIDS treatment information.

    Latest Medical News, Clinical Trials, Guidelines – Today on Medscape
    Get the latest medical news, thought leader perspective, clinical trial coverage, drug updates, journal articles, CME activities & more on Medscape. A free ...

    National Institutes of Health (NIH) | Turning Discovery Into Health
    Official website of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). NIH is one of the world's foremost medical research centers. An agency of the U.S. Department of Health ...

    1,070,000,000 results

    Selected Science Websites by Topic (expanded below in SHOW MORE)

    Agriculture and Food
    Applied Science & Technologies
    Astronomy and Space
    Biology and Nature
    Computers and Communication
    Earth and Ocean Sciences
    Energy and Energy Conservation
    Environment and Environmental Quality
    Health and Medicine
    Math, Physics, and Chemistry
    Natural Resources and Conservation
    Science Education

  • Continuing Nursing Education (CNE): Online Sources of CNE

Public Health and Medical News RSS Feeds List of Selected RSS Feeds






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