Illinois PowerSchool Users Group Guidelines
  • To receive postings in one daily digest and change other membership settings, click "Subscription" from the PSUG home page.
  • To share files, please upload them to the PowerSource Exchange.
  • Please don't use the auto-reply feature of your email client when you are out of the office.
  • PLEASE DO NOT POST ANY PASSWORDS OR CODES or anything that could allow access to areas or operations that may require help from support or where potential damage could be done. This includes any access or information from PowerSource.
  • Because there are many non-technical PSUG members, please do not post instructions for DDA nor USM because of potential damage.
  • Remember that the purpose of PSUG is to collaborate, cooperate and share in order to help users get the most out of it's many capabilities.
  • If you are are receiving unsolicited emails that appear to come from PSUG, please let us know.
  • Group Email Addresses:
VENDORS are welcome to be a part of this group, however, there are some caveats:
  • This is not a marketing platform. No commercials.
  • Vendors can directly (online) respond to a question or call for help if their product or service can solve a problem. But only to 'leave a card' as it were. No sales pitch.
  • If Vendors want to freely share something, that is always welcome.
  • Any recommendations should come directly from PowerSchool users (ie. Schools)
  • NO unsolicited advertising is allowed. Vendors should never use the list to send unsolicited emails.
  • The vendor's products should enhance/complement/support PowerSchool's products and not be in direct competition with PowerSchool, except for approved service partners.
  • Vendors are welcome to respond to posts where someone identifies a problem, issue or question about their product or service.
  • Vendors MUST have a signature on each post that clearly identifies them as a vendor with their company name.
  • Vendor participation must be in the spirit of the group, one of positive contribution toward the resolution of problems. Being negative toward other products or solutions, or just chiming in to complain is not welcome.
  • Issues that are clearly not germane to the benefit of the community, such as as resolving a support issue that is unique to a particular client and wouldn't apply to anyone else, should remain offline in a more proper support channel. PSUG is not a replacement for customer support, but a compliment to it.
 Thank you,
PSUG Moderator

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