Stephen Mustoe


I’m finished with my 12-day trek in the Annapurna region. A wonderful time, visually rich and rewarding. My aging body held up fine, far less of a challenge than I’d expected (feared?). I traveled through a mix of old familiar villages and several new ones. I think I came away with several images worth sharing in upcoming exchanges.

The steady incursion of basic dirt roads, replacing centuries-old stone stepped trails, is a blessing for the people of rural Nepal. Alas, the visual impact is hard for me to adjust to. I was fortunate to have several days of just trail, but when I did have to spend time trudging along a road I reminded myself to look up. The mountains are still there!

In a few days I’m off to Chitwan National Park, at low altitude along the Indian border. After freezing my butt off in the mountains I’m looking forward to some warm weather. I should be able to see lots of birds and some rhinos. There are also tigers there, but it takes more work than I’m willing to do to have a decent chance of seeing one. I am nowhere near as committed as Jayanand ;)


I’ve tried to attach a quick iPhone shot of sunset in the village of Ghandruk but don’t know if it will upload. Not used to working off a phone :(

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