Re: Status 3, B&W and Color Print Exchanges, December 2019: Final Count 6 B&W, 5 Color


I will send two prints for each exchange also.


On Thu, Nov 21, 2019 at 9:16 PM Jayanand <jayanand@...> wrote:
I will send two prints for each.


On Wed, Nov 20, 2019 at 10:13 PM Jim Coffee <jim@...> wrote:
Greetings photographers and print exchangers...
The final count is 6 B&W and 5 Color.
I will be shipping both October and November before the end of this week..
Thanks for your participation.
The following photographers are participating in the BLACK & WHITE print exchange:
  1. Tom O'Connell (April 2002)
  2. Gary Benson (April 2002)
  3. Jayanand Govindaraj (February 2004)
  4. Jim Coffee (September 2004)
  5. Sumner Fowler (June 2018)
  6. Westley Clavey ((july 2015)
Black & White full time:  Tom, Gary, Jayanand, Jim, Dicon, Sumner, and Steve (when not on the road)

The following photographers are participating in the COLOR print exchange:
  1. Tom O'Connell
  2. Gary Benson
  3. Jayanand Govindaraj
  4. Jim Coffee
  5. Sumner Fowler
Color full time:  Tom, Gary, Jayanand, Jim, Dicon, Sumner, and Steve (when not on the road).

Ship your prints for repackaging to:
Jim Coffee
870 Gretna Green Way
Escondido, CA  92025



1) Prints are to be on either Letter (8.5x11) or A4 (8.3" X 11.7") (February is 13" X 19") size paper. Please sign the print (generally done on the front). 

2) On about the 15th of the month you will be notified of how many participants there are.  You are to print one print for each of the other participants and one for yourself. 

3) Prints should be enclosed in individual clear sleeves (for example Clear Bags B811SNF) along with a Tech Sheet. Include the date of the exchange, your name, print title and any information about the subject matter, printer, inkset, software, workflow etc on the Tech Sheet which may be of interest to other participants.  Optional: also include your own critique of your image. 

4) Make sure that whatever box or mailing method you use can accommodate both Letter (8.5x11) and A4 (8.3" X 11.7") sized prints.

 5) For example, putting your prints and a prepaid USPS flat rate envelope (addressed to yourself) with a Click-n-Ship prepaid label inside a USPS flat rate envelope  (addressed to the print exchange coordinator) works very well.  See this message for additional details and images of how others have packaged their prints.

6) If you have not included a return postage label please send the Print Coordinator $6 attached to a sheet of paper that clearly shows your return address. 

7) Upload a file of the image you have printed into the correct photo album.  This is an important step.  It permits those that are not actively participating in the current exchange an opportunity to observe.  It also creates a historical record that is useful over the years. 

8) Comments on prints are welcome and encouraged, but are not required for participation in a print exchange.

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