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This group promotes the monthly print exchange of Black & White and Color  digital prints The prints are typically printed on 8.5" X 11" photo paper, and typically with inkjet printers. 

The exchanges are each limited to 15 participants a month. If you have an appreciation for Black & White and /or Color prints, if you enjoy advancing your printing skills, if you are willing to occasionally (or always) print and exchange 15 prints a month, then join this group, browse the messages and the photo galleries, and then join one of the monthly exchanges.

The Black & White group was founded by Tom O'Connell in April 2002 and the Color group by Gary Benson in December 2008.  Beginning with the January 2018 exchange the Color exchange became a monthly exchange (had been bi-monthly).  The group moderating team consists of Tom O'Connell, Gary Benson, Jim Coffee, and Jayanand Govindaraj..

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