Some email providers notify when group messages land in someone's spam folder. never wants that to happen. It can lead to further emails landing in spam, it can cause emails to be blocked by email providers, and it is a bad user experience when someone doesn't think they receive all the messages from their groups. Adding to this, unfortunately some people use the spam button instead of trying to unsubscribe from a group. automatically unsubscribes someone when notified about this. As part of that process, sends the unsubbed list member an auto restore email with a link that lets them automatically and quickly resubscribe if it was a mistake. The email lets them know to check their spam folders and mark any messages from us in there as not spam, which trains the spam filters to make fewer mistakes about our email.  But, you will have to check your Spam folder for this auto restore email, since you (or your ISP/email provider) have indicated emails are spam.

It is critical that you use good email practices:  Do not mark emails as Spam.  Never empty your Spam/Junk folder without checking that folder first, for valid emails, especially emails.  If you find a email in your Spam folder, you MUST mark it as "NOT SPAM".  That will also send a message to your ISP that emails are trusted emails. 

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