Prayers For Pets

Prayers for pets and the people who love them.

Posting Guidelines:

There is a 3 strikes and out policy.  We all make mistakes, so when one occurs and pointed out, an apology will be expected to the group.  The 3rd strike may come without warning from the administrators and you find yourself gone from the group.

We are all here to pray for the needs of people and animals.  That may be the only thing we have in common.  We are of differing religions and that must be respected!

There will be no political posts acceptable.  Prayer for leaders is one thing, but no personal input will be allowed. This includes but is not limited to diseases, vaccines, and policy.  We have differing opinions about this, and it has nothing to do with the reason we are here!

No discussion of animal racing, hunting, or otherwise controversial posts will be permitted.  If in question, ask an administrator first.

No back biting, flaming, insults, at all will be tolerated.  Off list between members is up to you.  If some one asks that communication off list stops between specific members, we expect that to be respected.  If it isn't, the problem may be brought to administrators for resolution.

Please don't make us have more rules and guidelines!


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