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Harvey Abrams, M.D.

The Ideal Filler

For decades there has been interest in techniques and products that augment
or fill ina multitude of facial defects. The medical industry has sought the
ideal filler to correct sunken cheeks and temples, depressed scars from acne
or accidents and remove wrinkles. Over the years a variety of products have
become available to correct these problems. The following paragraphs should
help you understand the factors in choosing the product and
technique which is best for you.

The Ideal Filler

The ideal filler should have the following characteristics:
= Be long lasting.
= Should be minimally invasive.
= Require little down time from occupational and social activities.
= Result in no complications, infections, allergic reaction, or rejection.
= Be non-immunogenic
= Be cost effective.

While there is no filler that meets all these criteria for each individual's
needs, certain fillers are more suitable than others. Over the years, the
doctors at Wilshire Aesthetics have been expertly trained and have
thoroughly tested and used most products currently on the market. We will
help you make an informed decision based on your individual situation.

Fillers-Permanent/ Temporary
Fillers can be divided into two categories, permanent and temporary. Those
fillers available in the United States are as follows:

Permanent Fillers____________________________Temporary Fillers

Collagen (Zyplast & Zyderm 1,2)
-Silikon 1000 (silicone oil) Dermalogen
-Artecell (Polymethl methacrylate)

expected FDA approval 2002


Polylactic Acid (Nu-Fill)
-Silicone (hard)- cheek and chin
-Gortex (soft)- lips and cheeks

There are many other products manufactured in other countries: Brazil,
France, Germany, and Switzerland etc. All have their own unique
characteristics. None truly appear to offer any major benefit to those
available in the U.S.

Nelson Vergel