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Francois Houyez will stop at nothing to get the latest low-down on the
causes and some possible treatments
From European AIDS Treatment News (Summer 2001)

This was a great article, Nelson. I printed it out. I think there may be
some minor errors concerning Andractim. I have a download from a
Pharmokinetics site in the US giving Andractim as the name of the DHT gell
and the sites where it was experimented with. Beth Israel Deaconess,
Hopkins, Harbor-UCLA, and about three other sites. Any idea where I can get
hold of this Francois Houyez guy? I figure all the docs are too chicken to
let me try it on myself while using the ultrasensitive psa to monitor
it reduces psa and estrogen. I called and talked to Lundblad, but he didn't
know anything much about it either. I figure the only way I've really gonna
find out is to have to try it out briefly on myself, with appropriate

I saw a woman Army doctor from Walter Reed who retired from the Army and is
now a professor, oncologist at U of MD Greenbaum Cancer Center. She thought
it was worth trying, but thought I should see Spark or someone who's done
research on it. Dobs at Hopkins has, but I have to agree with Michael that
she's dumb as a post and afraid to try anything.

Thanks for the info and the suggestions, but I think you know I've got to
together my own trial based on reading and research.

Bob Emmitt