Fight the DEA on behalf of the terminally ill

Nelson Vergel

Big news, Nelson.

Our campaign to protect terminally ill patients from a devastating rule change proposed by the DEA has gathered more than 4416 public comments!

Your comment has already been submitted to the DEA for consideration. But the response has been so overwhelming that we’ve decided to hand deliver every public comment to the DEA’s offices on Friday, March 31 — the deadline for submission of public comments.

We want to get as many people as possible to tell the DEA that they CANNOT change this rule without hurting terminally ill patients. Please forward this email to your friends and family, or share the campaign on social media:

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If your friends and family recognize that terminally ill people should be as comfortable as possible at the end of their lives and have easy access to healthcare, then we need them to submit a public comment today.

We have just one week to stop the rule. The groundswell of opposition is real. It’s why we’re going to hand-deliver every public comment — including yours. Now let’s make sure the number of public comments opposing the rule is HUGE when we reach the March 31 deadline.

Help make sure the DEA knows that Americans oppose this proposed rule change that will harm terminally ill patients!

Forward this email to your friends and family, or share the campaign on Facebook or Twitter.


Death with Dignity

P.S. -- If it’s easier to share, here’s the full URL for the page to submit a comment via Death With Dignity’s website:


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All the best,

Nelson Vergel, BsChE, MBA

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Philip DiPasquale

This is the proposed rule change:



A recently-proposed DEA rule change would prevent doctors from prescribing controlled substances via telemedicine without first conducting an in-person evaluation.


Terminally ill patients nearing the end of their lives are almost always too sick to visit a doctor in person.


This rule change would restrict access to health care, and make it incredibly difficult for terminally ill patients to receive routine palliative care and medicines that can ease their pain.

Philip DiPasquale

Hi Steven,


I do not have the information to answer your question.  I followed the link in the original post, and replied with the details explained in the linked article about the reason for the fight with the DEA

so that others reading the post would have that information without having to follow the link.


If you follow the link, there may be more information there.