Medicare Codes for Lipoatrophy


We have waited so friggin long for this.  Up till now, Kaiser Oregon would not recognize that Kaiser California implemented it ages ago.  Perhaps that's a good example of the California value system though perhaps a bankrupt one.

I have an appointment next week with a plastic surgery department in a major hospital.  Can someone give a very quick overview of the merits of Scuptra over Radiesse?  I understand Sculptra is a temporary filler so when faced with a choice between the two is one preferable over the other?  Should one argue this point?  How long does Sculptra really hold it's shape before all the dollars are due again?

I also don't want to be the first patient in a clinic that hasn't much experience in the filler procedure as I hear the filler placement is tricky.  No grad student interns, thank you.

Proving depression over this is a touch ironic at this point but suggestions would be helpful.

Until you have walked the road of daily discrimination based on your appearance, you can't imagine the emotional pain added layer by layer, year after year.  It's kind of lonely wearing a mask. There are parts of me that wonder if I can ever return to that person I have held so dearly inside.

"Why aren't you on FaceBook?"  "Nice body but where's the face shot?"  Sadly, you're only as good as your face in this screwed up country.  What a lesson to have to learn.

I could go on, but you get the picture.  Many thanks.

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