Fractures in HIV+

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Here are studies on fractures in HIV reported at CROI 2010, a conference report by Michael Yin for NATAP, there were several studies reported at CROI on fractures and increased risk of fracture was found in 1 of the 3 studies, in the 2nd there was a risk not as obvious, the third was odd because it was in premenopausa women; and a study published in JCEM in Summer 2008 which found increased fracture risk. Every individual should make their own decision about therapy but fractures in the HIV-negative population has been associated with increased frailty & mortality. Therapy with a bisphosphonate is usually for 5 years or less. Jules

Fracture Prevalence Among HIV-Infected versus Non HIV-Infected Patients in a Large U.S. Healthcare System - (07/02/08) JCEM

Decreased bone mineral density and increased fracture risk in aging men with or at risk for HIV infection [EPIDEMIOLOGY AND SOCIAL] - (09/3/08)

Bone Fractures at CROI 2010 - see slides below - (02/23/10)

Bone/Osteoporosis/Vitamin D CROI 2010 Update - written by Michael Yin, MD MS Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine Columbia University Medical Center New York, NY- (03/14/10)

Bone Loss in HIV+ Premenopausal Women & Fracture Risk

Mortality Risk Associated With Low-Trauma Osteoporotic Fracture ...

Feb 4, 2009 ... "The increased mortality observed here following other major and minor fractures is not well appreciated. Indeed this is the first finding ...

Effect of Osteoporosis Treatment on Mortality: A Meta-Analysis

Effective osteoporosis treatment can reduce fracture incidence, ... as well as 2000-2008 American Society for Bone and Mineral Research conference abstracts. ..... Society's Journals Online web site at ...

Changes in Bone Mineral Density: two-years follow-up of the ANRS CO3 Aquitaine Cohort - Bone Metabolism Evolves- in 11% from osteopenia to osteoporosis and to osteopenia, bone markers worsen in 41% - (03/10/10)

Assessment of Vitamin D Levels Among HIV-infected Persons in the Study To Understand the Natural History of HIV/AIDS in the Era of Effective Therapy (SUN Study) - (02/26/10)

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