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This is a group about HIV treatments, aging healthy with HIV and side effect management.

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3- You will always respect the confidentiality of others.

4- You will post messages only on issues that are pertinent to the list

5- You will respect people's gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, HIV status, political affiliations, etc.

6- You will not post for-profit information unless pre-approved by the moderator.

7- You believe HIV is the cause of AIDS

8- You will include subject lines so others can determine the content of your posting, and not "I have a question" or "Digest #456"

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10- Your messages may or may not get approved by the moderator. You will accept the moderator's best judgment and will not argue about it with him/her.

11 - You will snip off and edit the extraneous junk off of the copied text. 

12- You are aware that anyone can google your posts. You may choose to disclose your true identity or not based on this. It is not the volunteer moderator's job to erase your old posts or to unsubscribe you.

13- You will talk to your doctor before implementing anything you read on this list. This list is not responsible for any decisions you make regarding your healthcare.

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