Steps to research ancestors - Raver or Rawer, Esecover and Paukler.


Looking to learn 'how to get started', to research my relatives in this region:
Steps to research ancestors - Raver or Rawer, Esecover and Paukler.



Jerome Schatten


Well, it would help if you told us a bit about what you have tried and what results you obtained...

For example, there's some low hanging fruit that most folks would have tried:
Google the surnames of interest along with 'podhajce'; read all you can on '' about Podhajce; JewishGen is an excellent way to find other researchers that are researching the surnames you are interested in. Spend some time and learn to use it. Use maps -- get a feel for the large towns nearby where your surnames of interest may have moved to; and so on, as far away as (100+km). Podhajce was in AH Galicia... there's a Galica Sig on JewishGen...  Search the databases on for surnames of interest. Learn to look for alternate spellings of your surnames -- spelling in many cases depended on who was recording what they heard. 

That's how I started... I was amazed to find that my whole family deserted Podhajce for Czernowitz in the late 1890's and there were records in the Czernowitz archives that didn't exist in Podhajce concerning them. From there I found other kindred spirits that were able to help me.  

So let us know what you have tried... If you haven't tried any of the above, then google 'genealogical research' and that should get you started.

Also, look for Ellis Island records for ships landing in NY around the turn of the century where folks from Podhajce were coming in by by the droves...  Have you a handle on any relatives with the surnames you are interested in or are related to you?

As I said, you didn't disclose much... but these are some of easy ways to begin.

Jerome Schatten
Vancouver, Canada