Publishing Podhajce Yizkor Book

Jean Rosenbaum <mervinr@...>

There is a new project sponsored by JewishGen called Yizkor-Books-in-Print.  We have the wonderful opportunity of having the English translation of the Podhajce Yizkor Book included.  There is no cost involved for us in publishing the book.  It would simply be available for purchase by anyone who wants a copy.
It is, of course, possible to read the translation on the Podhajce webpage by going to, but having it in book form would make it much more readily accessible.   However, some work is needed to put the book on the fast track for publication.  Someone needs to put all the text into an MS WORD document formatted with one inch borders and with headings and sub headings.  I hope that someone in our group is willing and able to take on this assignment.  It would be a real mitzvah.
Please do not contact me for further information.  Instead write to Joel Alpert, the coordinator of the project, at joel.alpert@... to further details.
Jean Rosenbaum