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As you know, Belzec was a death camp, and no records were kept of those
who were sent there. It was the horrible destination of many from Podhajce.
If you have any names to add or if you want more information, please
contact Ewa Koper, whose name is in the message below. I do not personally
know anything else about the project.

Jean Rosenbaum

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The Belzec Memorial Museum is gathering information about people who
were killed in the death camp at Belzec. It is part of our museum
project and of our cooperation with the international institutions that
conduct research into the Holocaust. We would like to show that the
victims of Belzec were not anonymous, as the Nazis wished them to be.
We would like to restore the names of the victims. The story of their
lives will become part of our museum`s education activities.

To help us in compiling names and/or individual stories, please contact
EVERY VICTIM HAS OWN NAME - Ewa Koper - e.koper@...

Aaron Biterman
Washington, DC

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