Ehrlichs or Besens of Podhajce

Clifford Goodstein

JRI-Poland has a record of the marriage of my great (x2) grandparents, Berl Ehrlich and  Rywka Lef.  Through DNA I have found Rykwa's brother and his descendants, but I'd like to find relatives of Berl other than his son, Simon Ehrlich (my great grandfather).  Berl's parents are listed as Israel and Fulie.

Separately, Simon came to the US and married a fellow Podhajce emigrant, Chaya Ethel Besen, who, according to her marriage record, is the daughter of Gedalie Besen and Chane Kerber.  I am aware of Chaya's brother Joseph Leibisch (Leon) Besen who married Gussie/Goldie Gang and came to NYC, and their descendants, but I'd like to find other Besen relatives.  There are a lot of  Podhajce Besen records on JRI-Poland but I don't know of their descendants.

If you think we could be a connection, please let me know.  My DNA test is posted on Ancestry, Gedmatch, FTDNA, and MyHeritage.


Cliff Goodstein