Righteous Gentile Award for Pidhajcer


When I visited Pidhajce in 1999, the 3 generational Sikorski family invited me to their house and presented me with the attached certificate for Ms. Sikorska.

The eldest Sikorski I met at the house was the daughter of the awarded recipient, who hid two Jewish boys named Kessler (I seem to remember that their father was an optometrist?)

Someone informed on her and she and the boys were murdered.

Among the elderly Ukrainians I met, many came forward and said that relations were relatively good between the Jews and Ukrainians but the fascist component in town was enough to enable the Holocaust. Fascists were usually awarded stolen land and property, so they had a foul motive for their politics.

An Ukrainian American in the Midwest stands accused of war crimes in Pidhajce, interesting to note for a massacre of Christians in the town. The Ukrainian auxilliary units employed by the Nazis also killed Christians for partisan activities and hiding Jews...and once the war was over they expelled and murdered most of the Polish population of west Ukraine.