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Podhajcers… ah gitten Pesach!  

The forwarded message below is from a friend of mine, Christian Herrmann, who just today has been in Pidhaitsi/Podhajce. He is a constant traveller and blogger. He and friends have been for several years criss-crossing Galicia, Bukovina, Romania, Ukraine, looking for signs of Jewish life and lives past.  Christian’s Blog posts chronicle his travels — basically asking the same question in each place: “Where are the Jews — what happened to them — what is left?”  He paints in photographs and in the words of an an explorer.  

The link below gets you to today’s journey — past explorations can be found at the very end of the page. 

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Dear all,

If you travel in Galicia, you are crossing a continent. The region is a compaction of European history. Leaving Chortkiv in the morning, my friends and I have been to Buchach, Monastyryska, Pidhaitsi and Peremyshliany today. A day of discoveries – pleasant and painful ones.

As we have been to Pidaitsi, this blog post comes along with special greetings to Jerome Schatten, whos ancestors came from Pidhaitsi! Thank you for everything, Jerome!

Best from Lviv (Lwów, Lemberg),