May also need some guidance!

andrew raver

just like stacy, I am also researching the Podjhace region for my ancestors.

I have found some information and would really like some additional assistance.

Binnie Yeates

If there's any guidance available, I could certainly do with it. I know very little about my Podhajce ancestors, and would love to know more.
Binnie Yeates


Let us know how we can help.


Hi Binnie,

What guidance do you need?


andrew raver

Hello Yahoo Group;

Here is where I am stuck and need assistance.

I was using the "The All Galicia Database // Gesher Galicia" website which is very helpful - for all new members - check it out.

I found this record of my ancestor - Aron Moses Rawer.... Now I see his parent's name Getzel Rawer and Ginendel.

How I can find more records of them?
Appreciate any help you can provide...

Aron Moses [no surname]

son of Getzel RAWER & Ginendel

Date of Birth: 1-Jan-1851

Year of Registration of Birth: 1851

Sex: M

Town of Record: Brzeżany (now Berezhany, Ternopil’s’ka oblast, Ukraine)

House Number: 90

Godparent #1 - Given Name: Feibisch

Godparent #1 - Surname: HALPERN

Godparent #1 - Occupation or Title: Sandak

This record comes from the Brzeżany Jewish Births (1846-1864) database, page 34L, AKT number 8. The original records are held in The Central State

Historical Archives of Ukraine in Lviv and were added to this search engine on 1 August 2013. An image of this record can also be viewed on

FamilySearch/LDS microfilm #2405309, item #21. The Gesher Galicia unique record ID is GG-Brzezany-Births-655.