Looking for Margulies/Margolis/Margolies - Great Grand Parents

Ari Margulies

Today at 6:25 PM

I'm working on my family tree and my great grandparents are from Podhajce. Much of my family perished in the Holocaust.
Hirsch (Tzvi) and Ita Margulies where my great grandparents. I've seen the spelling either Margolies, Margulies or Margolis. Their Son Simcha was my grandfathers (Abraham) brother. Along with Iro, Irene and Yosuf.
Simcha survived and moved to Israel in the 50's, my grandfather Abraham also survived as he left Podhajce early with his wife Ita. Iro, Irene, Yosuf  (his two other brothers and one sister) and their entire families where murdered in the holocaust.
I'm looking for the following:
  1. Dates of birth/Death
  2. Birth Certificates
  3. Graves
  4. Marriage certificates
And anything else which could help me get past this brick wall that I've hit.
Thanks for any support or suggestions possible.