Podhajce census data available

jerome schatten

Podhajcers, Podhazers... what do we call ourselves?

I have completed posting the Austro-Hungarian census data (1869/80/90/1900) for the Podahajce district on our shtetlinks website:
You will see the link to the data in the Menu on the left side of the Home Page.

These data were extracted from a full set of all of Galicia data for the years mentioned above. The full datasets have been donated to Gesher Galicia who will post them on their website in a few months.

The datasets came to us courtesy of the Austrian government and my friend Mr. Edgar Hauster who made it all happen. This is the same Mr. Hauster who took the time to photograph the matzva at the Podhajce cemetery last year. If you haven't seen them they're at: http://czernowitz.ehpes.com/czernowitz11/podhajce2/index.html

The census data is, as you might expect, in German, but the indefatigable Edgar has translated the abbreviations and column headings for us.  The documents extracted are in pdf format, so you'll need Acrobat Reader or equivalent to view them.

Unfortunately, there are no surnames/addresses associated with this data and the original documents from which these reports were generated are apparently buried forever in the sands of time. That said, there is still useful information for the researcher as you will see. I strongly suggest you follow the link on the splash page to the tutorial about using this data, and read it.

The 1869 information seems to be simply headcount data. But he following years paint much more of a picture for us:. They contain the number of folks in each religious group, information about houses, public infrastructure, institutions, military, and cadastral data. Every horse, cow and pig is accounted for as you would expect.

If you have need for any other Galicia town census information, I may be able to extract it for you if you send me the spelling(s) of the town and the year(s) you are interested in.

A grus!

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